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Whitby, Yorkshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CHILTON, Alfred  Abt 1828Whitby, Yorkshire, England I156
2 CHILTON, Arthur  Abt 1835Whitby, Yorkshire, England I159
3 CHILTON, Daniel  Abt May 1751Whitby, Yorkshire, England I2897
4 CHILTON, Daniel  Abt Jan 1757Whitby, Yorkshire, England I2896
5 CHILTON, Edward  Abt 1836Whitby, Yorkshire, England I160
6 CHILTON, Eliza  Abt 1831Whitby, Yorkshire, England I157
7 CHILTON, Eliza Anne  11 Mar 1808Whitby, Yorkshire, England I658
8 CHILTON, Francis  Abt 1832Whitby, Yorkshire, England I158
9 CHILTON, Hannah  07 Feb 1797Whitby, Yorkshire, England I119
10 CHILTON, Harrison  Abt Oct 1758Whitby, Yorkshire, England I12
11 CHILTON, Harrison  19 Nov 1794Whitby, Yorkshire, England I15
12 CHILTON, Harrison  Abt Oct 1821Whitby, Yorkshire, England I17
13 CHILTON, Isabel  22 Dec 1805Whitby, Yorkshire, England I657
14 CHILTON, Isabella  Abt 1829Whitby, Yorkshire, England I147
15 CHILTON, Jane  14 Aug 1802Whitby, Yorkshire, England I656
16 CHILTON, John  Abt Dec 1759Whitby, Yorkshire, England I2903
17 CHILTON, Margaret  Abt 1826Whitby, Yorkshire, England I155
18 CHILTON, Mary  Abt Jan 1755Whitby, Yorkshire, England I2898
19 CHILTON, Robert  Abt Nov 1764Whitby, Yorkshire, England I2905
20 CHILTON, Robert  07 Mar 1767Whitby, Yorkshire, England I2901
21 CHILTON, Thomas  Abt Oct 1753Whitby, Yorkshire, England I2902
22 CHILTON, Thomas  15 Aug 1798Whitby, Yorkshire, England I655
23 CHILTON, William  Abt Mar 1762Whitby, Yorkshire, England I2904
24 DRUMMOND, James  Abt 1819Whitby, Yorkshire, England I4411
25 DRUMMOND, Jane  Abt 1824Whitby, Yorkshire, England I1491
26 DRUMMOND, Mary Ann  Abt 1817Whitby, Yorkshire, England I4412
27 DRUMMOND, William  Abt 1815Whitby, Yorkshire, England I4413
28 HECKLE, George  22 May 1794Whitby, Yorkshire, England I926
29 HECKLE, James  05 Jan 1792Whitby, Yorkshire, England I925
30 HECKLE, John  01 May 1796Whitby, Yorkshire, England I927
31 HUNTER, Eliza  Abt 1801Whitby, Yorkshire, England I148
32 MACKAY, Mary  Abt 1745Whitby, Yorkshire, England I5103
33 MEWBURN, Ann  15 Jul 1780Whitby, Yorkshire, England I1603
34 MEWBURN, Ann  18 Sep 1814Whitby, Yorkshire, England I93
35 MEWBURN, Arthur  11 May 1828Whitby, Yorkshire, England I31
36 MEWBURN, Bowyer Chilton  07 Oct 1831Whitby, Yorkshire, England I228
37 MEWBURN, Eleanor Margaret  26 Dec 1825Whitby, Yorkshire, England I30
38 MEWBURN, Elizabeth  22 Sep 1762Whitby, Yorkshire, England I1597
39 MEWBURN, Francis Clarke  04 Apr 1817Whitby, Yorkshire, England I19
40 MEWBURN, George  Abt May 1785Whitby, Yorkshire, England I1606
41 MEWBURN, Harrison Chilton  20 Nov 1815Whitby, Yorkshire, England I18
42 MEWBURN, Henrietta  09 Feb 1823Whitby, Yorkshire, England I28
43 MEWBURN, Isaac Crow  02 Apr 1787Whitby, Yorkshire, England I1599
44 MEWBURN, Isabel  07 Mar 1830Whitby, Yorkshire, England I32
45 MEWBURN, James  Abt 1692Whitby, Yorkshire, England I2914
46 MEWBURN, James  Abt Sep 1751Whitby, Yorkshire, England I1592
47 MEWBURN, Jane  Abt 1717Whitby, Yorkshire, England I4295
48 MEWBURN, Jane  poss 1742Whitby, Yorkshire, England I5064
49 MEWBURN, Jane  Abt Oct 1777Whitby, Yorkshire, England I1600
50 MEWBURN, John  Abt Jun 1754Whitby, Yorkshire, England I1594

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 (), Dorothy  Abt Feb 1710Whitby, Yorkshire, England I2911
2 BECKWITH, Ambrose  poss Abt 1744Whitby, Yorkshire, England I5031
3 BRAND, Mary  Abt Feb 1742Whitby, Yorkshire, England I4294
4 CHILTON, Harrison  18 Feb 1838Whitby, Yorkshire, England I12
5 CROW, Isabella  29 Dec 1825Whitby, Yorkshire, England I1593
6 MACKAY, William  Abt Nov 1753Whitby, Yorkshire, England I4306
7 MEWBURN, Alice Dorothy  Between Jan and Mar 1946Whitby, Yorkshire, England I901
8 MEWBURN, Ann  26 Jul 1818Whitby, Yorkshire, England I1603
9 MEWBURN, Elizabeth  26 Jan 1830Whitby, Yorkshire, England I116
10 MEWBURN, Emily  01 Aug 1915Whitby, Yorkshire, England I1677
11 MEWBURN, George  Abt Apr 1786Whitby, Yorkshire, England I1606
12 MEWBURN, Isaac Crow  Abt Sep 1796Whitby, Yorkshire, England I1599
13 MEWBURN, James  Abt Jan 1725Whitby, Yorkshire, England I2914
14 MEWBURN, James  Abt Sep 1734Whitby, Yorkshire, England I2150
15 MEWBURN, James  Abt May 1804Whitby, Yorkshire, England I1592
16 MEWBURN, Jane  Abt Aug 1742Whitby, Yorkshire, England I5064
17 MEWBURN, Jane  Abt Aug 1778Whitby, Yorkshire, England I4295
18 MEWBURN, Jane  Abt Sep 1841Whitby, Yorkshire, England I1600
19 MEWBURN, John  Abt Feb 1783Whitby, Yorkshire, England I4297
20 MEWBURN, John  1816Whitby, Yorkshire, England I1594
21 MEWBURN, John Bowyer  27 Jul 1818Whitby, Yorkshire, England I25
22 MEWBURN, Joshua  Abt Nov 1761Whitby, Yorkshire, England I1596
23 MEWBURN, Joshua  Abt Jan 1800Whitby, Yorkshire, England I1590
24 MEWBURN, Margaret  17 Oct 1789Whitby, Yorkshire, England I1607
25 MEWBURN, Margaret Hannah  Between Oct and Dec 1883Whitby, Yorkshire, England I2442
26 MEWBURN, Mary  Abt Dec 1753Whitby, Yorkshire, England I4296
27 MEWBURN, Mary  Abt Nov 1786Whitby, Yorkshire, England I1604
28 MEWBURN, Thomas  Abt Mar 1722Whitby, Yorkshire, England I5054
29 MEWBURN, Zacharia  Abt Mar 1805Whitby, Yorkshire, England I1608
30 MOON, Elizabeth  Abt Sep 1740Whitby, Yorkshire, England I2039
31 MOORE, Sophia  30 Mar 1811Whitby, Yorkshire, England I79
32 OXLEY, Elizabeth  Abt May 1788Whitby, Yorkshire, England I1825
33 ROBINSON, Anne  Abt Jul 1822Whitby, Yorkshire, England I1595
34 SCHOFIELD, George  Between Apr and Jun 1953Whitby, Yorkshire, England I1075
35 SWALWELL, Richard  Bef Oct 1733Whitby, Yorkshire, England I5027
36 WILSON, Thomas  Abt 1726Whitby, Yorkshire, England I5028


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 (), Dorothy  28 Feb 1710Whitby, Yorkshire, England I2911
2 BRAND, Mary  09 Feb 1742Whitby, Yorkshire, England I4294
3 CROW, Isabella  31 Dec 1825Whitby, Yorkshire, England I1593
4 GALLILEE, Margaret  16 Jan 1835Whitby, Yorkshire, England I13
5 MACKAY, William  20 Nov 1753Whitby, Yorkshire, England I4306
6 MEWBURN, Ann  26 Jul 1818Whitby, Yorkshire, England I1603
7 MEWBURN, George  21 Apr 1786Whitby, Yorkshire, England I1606
8 MEWBURN, Isaac Crow  11 Sep 1796Whitby, Yorkshire, England I1599
9 MEWBURN, James  31 Jan 1725Whitby, Yorkshire, England I2914
10 MEWBURN, James  20 Sep 1734Whitby, Yorkshire, England I2150
11 MEWBURN, James  31 May 1804Whitby, Yorkshire, England I1592
12 MEWBURN, Jane  06 Aug 1742Whitby, Yorkshire, England I5064
13 MEWBURN, Jane  05 Aug 1778Whitby, Yorkshire, England I4295
14 MEWBURN, Jane  06 Dec 1801Whitby, Yorkshire, England I118
15 MEWBURN, Jane  17 Sep 1841Whitby, Yorkshire, England I1600
16 MEWBURN, John  19 Feb 1783Whitby, Yorkshire, England I4297
17 MEWBURN, John Bowyer  29 Jul 1818Whitby, Yorkshire, England I25
18 MEWBURN, Joshua  15 Nov 1761Whitby, Yorkshire, England I1596
19 MEWBURN, Joshua  18 Jan 1800Whitby, Yorkshire, England I1590
20 MEWBURN, Margaret  17 Oct 1789Whitby, Yorkshire, England I1607
21 MEWBURN, Mary  06 Dec 1753Whitby, Yorkshire, England I4296
22 MEWBURN, Mary  05 Nov 1786Whitby, Yorkshire, England I1604
23 MEWBURN, Thomas  25 Mar 1722Whitby, Yorkshire, England I5054
24 MEWBURN, Zacharia  07 Mar 1805Whitby, Yorkshire, England I1608
25 MEWBURNE, Eleanor  26 Apr 1805Whitby, Yorkshire, England I115
26 MOON, Elizabeth  17 Sep 1740Whitby, Yorkshire, England I2039
27 MOORE, Sophia  04 Apr 1811Whitby, Yorkshire, England I79
28 OXLEY, Elizabeth  01 Jun 1788Whitby, Yorkshire, England I1825
29 ROBINSON, Anne  23 Jul 1822Whitby, Yorkshire, England I1595


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Apprentice/Clerkship    Person ID 
1 MEWBURN, Francis  23 Apr 1801Whitby, Yorkshire, England I36


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 CHILTON, Daniel  13 May 1751Whitby, Yorkshire, England I2897
2 CHILTON, Daniel  26 Jan 1757Whitby, Yorkshire, England I2896
3 CHILTON, Eliza Anne  07 Apr 1808Whitby, Yorkshire, England I658
4 CHILTON, Hannah  06 Mar 1797Whitby, Yorkshire, England I119
5 CHILTON, Harrison  10 Oct 1758Whitby, Yorkshire, England I12
6 CHILTON, Harrison  12 Dec 1794Whitby, Yorkshire, England I15
7 CHILTON, Harrison  06 Oct 1821Whitby, Yorkshire, England I17
8 CHILTON, Isabel  17 Jan 1806Whitby, Yorkshire, England I657
9 CHILTON, Isabella  07 Mar 1829Whitby, Yorkshire, England I147
10 CHILTON, Jane  14 Sep 1802Whitby, Yorkshire, England I656
11 CHILTON, John  11 Dec 1759Whitby, Yorkshire, England I2903
12 CHILTON, Robert  09 Nov 1764Whitby, Yorkshire, England I2905
13 CHILTON, Robert  10 Mar 1767Whitby, Yorkshire, England I2901
14 CHILTON, Thomas  14 Oct 1753Whitby, Yorkshire, England I2902
15 CHILTON, Thomas  10 Sep 1798Whitby, Yorkshire, England I655
16 CHILTON, William  10 Mar 1762Whitby, Yorkshire, England I2904
17 DRUMMOND, James  28 Oct 1819Whitby, Yorkshire, England I4411
18 DRUMMOND, Jane  13 Jan 1824Whitby, Yorkshire, England I1491
19 DRUMMOND, Mary Ann  19 Jun 1817Whitby, Yorkshire, England I4412
20 DRUMMOND, William  24 Aug 1815Whitby, Yorkshire, England I4413
21 HECKLE, George  04 Jun 1794Whitby, Yorkshire, England I926
22 HECKLE, James  19 Feb 1792Whitby, Yorkshire, England I925
23 HECKLE, John  03 May 1796Whitby, Yorkshire, England I927
24 MACKAY, Mary  01 Dec 1745Whitby, Yorkshire, England I5103
25 MEWBURN, Ann  31 Jul 1780Whitby, Yorkshire, England I1603
26 MEWBURN, Arthur  07 Jun 1828Whitby, Yorkshire, England I31
27 MEWBURN, Eleanor Margaret  21 Jan 1826Whitby, Yorkshire, England I30
28 MEWBURN, Elizabeth  06 Nov 1763Whitby, Yorkshire, England I1597
29 MEWBURN, Francis Clarke  05 Mar 1817Whitby, Yorkshire, England I19
30 MEWBURN, Harrison Chilton  21 Nov 1815Whitby, Yorkshire, England I18
31 MEWBURN, Henrietta  06 Mar 1823Whitby, Yorkshire, England I28
32 MEWBURN, Isaac Crow  03 May 1787Whitby, Yorkshire, England I1599
33 MEWBURN, Isabel  03 Apr 1830Whitby, Yorkshire, England I32
34 MEWBURN, James  07 Aug 1692Whitby, Yorkshire, England I2914
35 MEWBURN, James  15 Sep 1751Whitby, Yorkshire, England I1592
36 MEWBURN, Jane  19 Jan 1717Whitby, Yorkshire, England I4295
37 MEWBURN, Jane  20 Oct 1777Whitby, Yorkshire, England I1600
38 MEWBURN, John  02 Jun 1754Whitby, Yorkshire, England I1594
39 MEWBURN, John  01 Dec 1778Whitby, Yorkshire, England I1602
40 MEWBURN, John  24 Aug 1819Whitby, Yorkshire, England I26
41 MEWBURN, John Bowyer  14 Jun 1818Whitby, Yorkshire, England I25
42 MEWBURN, Joshua  19 May 1723Whitby, Yorkshire, England I1590
43 MEWBURN, Joshua  09 Sep 1759Whitby, Yorkshire, England I1596
44 MEWBURN, Margaret  01 Sep 1788Whitby, Yorkshire, England I1607
45 MEWBURN, Mary  14 Aug 1715Whitby, Yorkshire, England I4296
46 MEWBURN, Mary  12 Mar 1784Whitby, Yorkshire, England I1604
47 MEWBURN, Miles  11 Apr 1714Whitby, Yorkshire, England I5056
48 MEWBURN, Paul  12 Mar 1726Whitby, Yorkshire, England I5061
49 MEWBURN, Rebecca  24 Aug 1824Whitby, Yorkshire, England I29
50 MEWBURN, Robert  17 Apr 1786Whitby, Yorkshire, England I1605

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 CHILTON, Alfred  1841Whitby, Yorkshire, England I156
2 CHILTON, Arthur  1841Whitby, Yorkshire, England I159
3 CHILTON, Edward  1841Whitby, Yorkshire, England I160
4 CHILTON, Eliza  1841Whitby, Yorkshire, England I157
5 CHILTON, Francis  1841Whitby, Yorkshire, England I158
6 CHILTON, Harrison  1841Whitby, Yorkshire, England I17
7 CHILTON, Harrison  1841Whitby, Yorkshire, England I15
8 CHILTON, Isabella  1841Whitby, Yorkshire, England I147
9 CHILTON, Margaret  1841Whitby, Yorkshire, England I155
10 HUNTER, Eliza  1841Whitby, Yorkshire, England I148

Census 8

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census 8    Person ID 
1 MEWBURN, Emily  1911Whitby, Yorkshire, England I1677


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 ROBINSON, John  1743Whitby, Yorkshire, England I4193


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 CROW, Isabella  24 Dec 1825Whitby, Yorkshire, England I1593
2 ROBINSON, John  27 Jan 1743Whitby, Yorkshire, England I4193


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CHILTON / HUNTER  13 Dec 1820Whitby, Yorkshire, England F6
2 CHILTON / HUNTER  13 Dec 1820Whitby, Yorkshire, England F50
3 DRUMMOND / HUSBAND  11 Jan 1813Whitby, Yorkshire, England F1433
4 MACKAY / MEWBURN  17 Jan 1744Whitby, Yorkshire, England F1394
5 MALCOLME / MEWBURN  18 May 1782Whitby, Yorkshire, England F530
6 MEWBURN / BRAND  02 Jul 1713Whitby, Yorkshire, England F1392
7 MEWBURN / CHILTON  27 Apr 1813Whitby, Yorkshire, England F3
8 MEWBURN / CROW  17 Oct 1786Whitby, Yorkshire, England F528
9 MEWBURN / OXLEY  14 Jan 1747Whitby, Yorkshire, England F527
10 MEWBURN / ROBINSON  02 Dec 1775Whitby, Yorkshire, England F529
11 ROBINSON / MEWBURN  21 Dec 1803Whitby, Yorkshire, England F531
12 WEATHERALL / CROW  13 Dec 1788Whitby, Yorkshire, England F903
13 WEATHERILL / GARBUTT  23 Jan 1823Whitby, Yorkshire, England F904
14 WILSON / MOON  17 Feb 1717Whitby, Yorkshire, England F1648