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Stainton, Yorkshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 JUST, Charles  Between Jan and Mar 1879Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1995
2 JUST, George Robert  Between Jul and Sep 1880Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1996
3 JUST, Robert  Between Jan and Mar 1856Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1343
4 MEABURN, Agnes  02 Sep 1864Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1352
5 MEABURN, Alice  Abt 1799Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1314
6 MEABURN, Alice  Abt 1832Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1322
7 MEABURN, Anne  13 Aug 1838Stainton, Yorkshire, England I2457
8 MEABURN, Annie  Abt 1836Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1327
9 MEABURN, Eleanor  Between Jan and Mar 1842Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1333
10 MEABURN, Eliza  Between Oct and Dec 1847Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1338
11 MEABURN, Elizabeth Frances  Between Jan and Mar 1840Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1330
12 MEABURN, Ellen (Helen)  Between Jan and Mar 1843Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1334
13 MEABURN, Emma  Between Oct and Dec 1849Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1342
14 MEABURN, George  Between Jan and Mar 1849Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1340
15 MEABURN, George  Abt 1797Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1313
16 MEABURN, George  Abt 1805Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1310
17 MEABURN, Jane  Between Jan and Mar 1841Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1331
18 MEABURN, Jane  07 Sep 1868Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1354
19 MEABURN, John  Between Jan and Mar 1851Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1344
20 MEABURN, Margaret  Abt 1831Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1320
21 MEABURN, Maria  Abt 1829Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1316
22 MEABURN, Mary  Between Jan and Mar 1851Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1345
23 MEABURN, Mary  Abt 1830Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1318
24 MEABURN, Matthew  Abt 1833Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1324
25 MEABURN, Sarah  Between Jan and Mar 1844Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1336
26 MEABURN, William  Abt 1801Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1308
27 MEABURN, William  Abt 1834Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1837
28 MEABURN, William  Abt 1837Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1329
29 MEWBURN, Bartholomew  Abt Jan 1664Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1859
30 MEWBURN, Catharine MUBURN  Abt Aug 1750Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1580
31 MEWBURN, Dorcas  Abt Jan 1808Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1516
32 MEWBURN, Dorcas Hannah  Abt Apr 1820Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1525
33 MEWBURN, Dorothie  Abt Mar 1670Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1860
34 MEWBURN, Elizabeth  Abt Nov 1679Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1864
35 MEWBURN, Elizabeth  Abt Aug 1809Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1517
36 MEWBURN, George  Abt Feb 1811Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1527
37 MEWBURN, James  Abt Dec 1814Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1519
38 MEWBURN, James MUBURN  Abt Jul 1742Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1513
39 MEWBURN, Jane MUBURN  Abt May 1740Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1574
40 MEWBURN, John  Abt Jul 1663Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1858
41 MEWBURN, John  Abt Apr 1698Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1567
42 MEWBURN, John  Abt May 1818Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1649
43 MEWBURN, John MUBURN  Abt Aug 1733Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1569
44 MEWBURN, John MUBURN  Abt Oct 1748Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1579
45 MEWBURN, Margery  Abt Feb 1694Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1865
46 MEWBURN, Mary  Abt Jun 1677Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1863
47 MEWBURN, Rebecca  Abt Nov 1672Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1861
48 MEWBURN, Richard  Abt Feb 1668Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1856
49 MEWBURN, Robert  Abt Oct 1735Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1570
50 MEWBURN, Robert George  Abt Feb 1816Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1818

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 JOHNSON, Elizabeth  1794Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1568
2 LAYZENBYE, Ellen  Abt Aug 1668Stainton, Yorkshire, England I3502
3 MEABURN, George  15 Aug 1798Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1313
4 MEABURN, John  Abt Dec 1830Stainton, Yorkshire, England I2587
5 MEABURN, William  Abt Oct 1834Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1837
6 MEABURN, William  Abt Feb 1837Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1329
7 METCALFE, Mary  30 Mar 1884Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1325
8 MEWBORN, Christopher  Abt Jan 1655Stainton, Yorkshire, England I3707
9 MEWBURN, Ann  Abt Jan 1861Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1641
10 MEWBURN, Bartholomew  Abt Oct 1666Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1859
11 MEWBURN, Dorothie  Abt May 1671Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1860
12 MEWBURN, Elizabeth  Abt May 1681Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1864
13 MEWBURN, Margery  Abt Feb 1695Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1865
14 MEWBURN, Richard  Abt Sep 1749Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1856
15 ROBINSON, Elizabeth  Abt Jan 1746Stainton, Yorkshire, England I3729


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 JOHNSON, Elizabeth  27 Mar 1794Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1568
2 LAYZENBYE, Ellen  20 Aug 1668Stainton, Yorkshire, England I3502
3 MEABURN, Agnes  20 Apr 1853Stainton, Yorkshire, England I2456
4 MEABURN, Annie  13 Mar 1836Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1327
5 MEABURN, Ellen  10 Sep 1867Stainton, Yorkshire, England I2453
6 MEABURN, George  15 Aug 1798Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1313
7 MEABURN, George  21 May 1885Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1310
8 MEABURN, John  25 Dec 1830Stainton, Yorkshire, England I2587
9 MEABURN, John  08 May 1851Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1344
10 MEABURN, Matthew  15 Dec 1877Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1324
11 MEABURN, William  23 Oct 1834Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1837
12 MEABURN, William  19 Feb 1837Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1329
13 MEABURN, William  17 Sep 1851Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1306
14 METCALFE, Mary  02 Apr 1884Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1325
15 MEWBORN, Christopher  30 Jan 1655Stainton, Yorkshire, England I3707
16 MEWBURN, Ann  01 Feb 1861Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1641
17 MEWBURN, Bartholomew  12 Oct 1666Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1859
18 MEWBURN, Dorothie  02 May 1671Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1860
19 MEWBURN, Elizabeth  23 May 1681Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1864
20 MEWBURN, James  05 Apr 1883Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1519
21 MEWBURN, Margery  08 Feb 1695Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1865
22 MEWBURN, Richard  05 Sep 1749Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1856
23 MEWBURN, William  17 Nov 1755Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1633
24 PALLISER, Ann  28 Dec 1878Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1311
25 ROBINSON, Elizabeth  04 Jan 1746Stainton, Yorkshire, England I3729
26 STEPHENSON, Ann  08 Nov 1852Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1307


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 MEABURN, Alice  26 May 1799Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1314
2 MEABURN, Alice  26 Aug 1832Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1322
3 MEABURN, Annie  25 Feb 1836Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1327
4 MEABURN, Elizabeth Frances  08 Mar 1840Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1330
5 MEABURN, George  30 Jul 1797Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1313
6 MEABURN, George  09 Sep 1805Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1310
7 MEABURN, Margaret  02 Aug 1831Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1320
8 MEABURN, Maria  19 Apr 1829Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1316
9 MEABURN, Mary  20 Mar 1830Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1318
10 MEABURN, Matthew  11 Aug 1833Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1324
11 MEABURN, William  20 Sep 1801Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1308
12 MEABURN, William  15 Sep 1834Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1837
13 MEABURN, William  14 Feb 1837Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1329
14 MEWBURN, Bartholomew  10 Jan 1664Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1859
15 MEWBURN, Catharine MUBURN  09 Aug 1750Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1580
16 MEWBURN, Dorcas  04 Jan 1808Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1516
17 MEWBURN, Dorcas Hannah  18 Apr 1820Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1525
18 MEWBURN, Dorothie  05 Mar 1670Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1860
19 MEWBURN, Elizabeth  17 Nov 1679Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1864
20 MEWBURN, Elizabeth  10 Aug 1809Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1517
21 MEWBURN, George  17 Feb 1811Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1527
22 MEWBURN, James  22 Dec 1814Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1519
23 MEWBURN, James MUBURN  01 Jul 1742Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1513
24 MEWBURN, Jane MUBURN  20 May 1740Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1574
25 MEWBURN, John  26 Jul 1663Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1858
26 MEWBURN, John  10 Apr 1698Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1567
27 MEWBURN, John  29 May 1818Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1649
28 MEWBURN, John MUBURN  20 Aug 1733Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1569
29 MEWBURN, John MUBURN  13 Oct 1748Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1579
30 MEWBURN, Margery  05 Feb 1694Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1865
31 MEWBURN, Mary  19 Jun 1677Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1863
32 MEWBURN, Mary Ann  24 Feb 1816Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1523
33 MEWBURN, Rebecca  03 Nov 1672Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1861
34 MEWBURN, Richard  02 Feb 1668Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1856
35 MEWBURN, Robert  02 Oct 1735Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1570
36 MEWBURN, Robert George  24 Feb 1816Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1818
37 MEWBURN, Susanna  19 Mar 1744Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1575
38 MEWBURN, Thomas  04 Feb 1674Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1862
39 MEWBURN, Thomas  22 Jan 1695Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1866
40 MEWBURN, Thomas  22 Oct 1747Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1576
41 MEWBURN, William Henry  17 Jun 1827Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1526
42 MEWBURN, William MUBURN  15 Jan 1737Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1572
43 SANDERSON, Ann  12 Nov 1820Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1829
44 SANDERSON, Elizabeth  02 Oct 1825Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1830
45 SANDERSON, Robert  27 Oct 1822Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1828
46 SANDERSON, Thomas  22 Feb 1835Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1826


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 MEWBURN, Dorcas  Abt Jan 1808Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1516
2 MEWBURN, Elizabeth  Abt Aug 1809Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1517
3 MEWBURN, George  Abt Feb 1811Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1527
4 MEWBURN, John  29 May 1818Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1649
5 MEWBURN, Mary Ann  Abt Feb 1816Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1523
6 MEWBURN, Robert George  24 Feb 1816Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1818
7 MEWBURN, William Henry  17 Jun 1827Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1526


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 HARRISON, Mary  1841Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1515
2 MEABURN, Alice  1841Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1314
3 MEABURN, Anne  1841Stainton, Yorkshire, England I2457
4 MEABURN, Elizabeth Frances  1841Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1330
5 MEABURN, George  1841Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1310
6 MEABURN, Jane  1841Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1331
7 MEABURN, Margaret  1841Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1320
8 MEABURN, Matthew  1841Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1324
9 MEABURN, William  1841Stainton, Yorkshire, England I3752
10 MEABURN, William  1841Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1306
11 MEWBURN, Robert George  1841Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1818
12 PALLISER, Ann  1841Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1311
13 SANDERSON, John  1841Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1315
14 SANDERSON, Thomas  1841Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1826
15 STEPHENSON, Ann  1841Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1307


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census2    Person ID 
1 MEABURN, Alice  1851Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1314
2 MEABURN, Eliza  1851Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1338
3 MEABURN, Elizabeth Frances  1851Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1330
4 MEABURN, Ellen (Helen)  1851Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1334
5 MEABURN, Emma  1851Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1342
6 MEABURN, George  1851Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1340
7 MEABURN, George  1851Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1310
8 MEABURN, Jane  1851Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1331
9 MEABURN, John  1851Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1344
10 MEABURN, Mary  1851Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1345
11 MEABURN, Matthew  1851Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1324
12 MEABURN, Sarah  1851Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1336
13 MEABURN, William  1851Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1306
14 PALLISER, Ann  1851Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1311
15 SANDERSON, John  1851Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1827
16 SANDERSON, John  1851Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1315
17 SANDERSON, Thomas  1851Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1826
18 STEPHENSON, Ann  1851Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1307


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census3    Person ID 
1 MEABURN, Alice  1861Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1314
2 MEABURN, Emily Anne  1861Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1350
3 MEABURN, Emma  1861Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1342
4 MEABURN, George  1861Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1340
5 MEABURN, George  1861Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1310
6 MEABURN, Mary  1861Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1345
7 MEABURN, Matthew  1861Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1324
8 MEABURN, Sarah  1861Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1336
9 MEABURN, William  1861Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1365
10 METCALFE, Mary  1861Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1325
11 PALLISER, Ann  1861Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1311


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census4    Person ID 
1 HALL, Agnes  1871Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1833
2 HALL, Robert  1871Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1834
3 HALL, William  1871Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1836
4 MEABURN, Agnes  1871Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1352
5 MEABURN, Anne  1871Stainton, Yorkshire, England I2457
6 MEABURN, Emily Anne  1871Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1350
7 MEABURN, Emma  1871Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1342
8 MEABURN, George  1871Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1310
9 MEABURN, Jane  1871Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1354
10 MEABURN, Mary  1871Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1345
11 MEABURN, Matthew  1871Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1324
12 MEABURN, William  1871Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1365
13 METCALFE, Mary  1871Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1325
14 PALLISER, Ann  1871Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1311


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census5    Person ID 
1 HALL, Agnes  1881Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1833
2 HALL, Robert  1881Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1834
3 JUST, Charles  1881Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1995
4 JUST, George Robert  1881Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1996
5 JUST, Robert  1881Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1343
6 MEABURN, Anne  1881Stainton, Yorkshire, England I2457
7 MEABURN, Emily Anne  1881Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1350
8 MEABURN, Emma  1881Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1342
9 MEABURN, George  1881Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1310
10 MEABURN, Jane  1881Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1354
11 MEABURN, William  1881Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1365
12 METCALFE, Mary  1881Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1325


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census6    Person ID 
1 JUST, Charles  1891Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1995
2 JUST, George Robert  1891Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1996
3 JUST, Henry  1891Stainton, Yorkshire, England I5174
4 JUST, Robert  1891Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1343
5 JUST, Walter  1891Stainton, Yorkshire, England I5177


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 MEWBURN, James  19 Jan 1876Stainton, Yorkshire, England I1519


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 DALE / MEWBURN  07 May 1778Stainton, Yorkshire, England F663
2 MEABURN / BRIGGS  27 Feb 1830Stainton, Yorkshire, England F414
3 MEABURN / PALLISER  10 May 1828Stainton, Yorkshire, England F415
4 MEWBURN / HARRISON  05 Mar 1807Stainton, Yorkshire, England F497
5 MEWBURN / RIDLEY  11 Jul 1757Stainton, Yorkshire, England F520
6 MEWBURN / ROBINSON  02 Jul 1694Stainton, Yorkshire, England F613
7 SANDERSON / MEABURN  15 Feb 1820Stainton, Yorkshire, England F417
8 STONEHOUSE / MEWBURN  31 Oct 1833Stainton, Yorkshire, England F607
9 THOMASON / MEABURN  31 Aug 1882Stainton, Yorkshire, England F759