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Monkwearmouth, Durham, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALDERSON, Margaret  Abt 1820Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I699
2 BATY, John  Abt 1813Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I2348
3 BELL, Isabella  Abt 1826Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I701
4 BROWN, Robert  Abt 1846Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1088
5 HARKAS, Margaret  Abt 1844Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I2222
6 HILLS, Mary Ann  Abt Feb 1817Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1489
7 HOLBURN, Grace  21 Aug 1789Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I686
8 JOHNSON, Ann  Abt 1801Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1505
9 MEWBURN, Ann  30 Apr 1792Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I3735
10 MEWBURN, Ann  04 Mar 1838Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1506
11 MEWBURN, Anthony  28 May 1820Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I688
12 MEWBURN, Armstrong  01 May 1823Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I689
13 MEWBURN, Charles Hill  Abt Dec 1837Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I2226
14 MEWBURN, Dorothy  07 Jun 1843Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1509
15 MEWBURN, Eleanor  14 Feb 1858Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I867
16 MEWBURN, Elizabeth  08 May 1822Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I871
17 MEWBURN, Elizabeth  06 Jan 1826Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I690
18 MEWBURN, Elizabeth  13 Jun 1829Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I875
19 MEWBURN, Elizabeth  02 Jul 1856Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I866
20 MEWBURN, Grace  Between Apr and Jun 1845Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I700
21 MEWBURN, Grace  23 Jun 1828Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I691
22 MEWBURN, James  23 Jun 1826Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I872
23 MEWBURN, James  06 Jun 1850Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I864
24 MEWBURN, John  Abt 1791Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1482
25 MEWBURN, John  22 Nov 1819Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I869
26 MEWBURN, John  18 Nov 1840Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1508
27 MEWBURN, John  21 Aug 1853Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I865
28 MEWBURN, Lancelot  01 Aug 1822Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1490
29 MEWBURN, Margaret  12 Sep 1797Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1042
30 MEWBURN, Margaret  Abt Mar 1817Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I868
31 MEWBURN, Margaret  08 Jul 1831Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I692
32 MEWBURN, Margery  30 Sep 1817Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1485
33 MEWBURN, Mary Ann  Abt Sep 1839Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I2228
34 MEWBURN, Mary Ann  14 May 1854Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I2455
35 MEWBURN, Ralph  09 Sep 1791Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I852
36 MEWBURN, Ralph  23 Jun 1826Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I873
37 MEWBURN, Richardson  23 Mar 1820Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1488
38 MEWBURN, Thomas  Abt 1816Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I749
39 MEWBURN, Thomas  01 Feb 1826Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1492
40 MEWBURN, Thomas  Abt Nov 1848Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I2349
41 MEWBURN, William  Between Oct and Dec 1847Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I820
42 MEWBURN, William  20 Nov 1814Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I858
43 MEWBURN, William  20 Dec 1817Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I687
44 MEWBURN, William John  Between Apr and Jun 1846Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I2351
45 MEWBURN, William Richardson  21 Jul 1828Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1493
46 MEWBURN, William Rutherford  24 Oct 1847Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I863
47 POTTS, Ada M  Abt 1866Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1056
48 POTTS, Ann  Abt 1868Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1057
49 POTTS, Elizabeth G  Abt 1862Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1054
50 POTTS, Matthew  Abt 1830Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I723

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BURN, Thomas  Abt Oct 1788Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I3667
2 CLARK, Matthew  Abt Feb 1784Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I3886
3 COWELL, Margaret  Abt Oct 1797Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I649
4 FENWICK, Margaret  Abt May 1790Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I534
5 JOHNSON, Ann  30 Jan 1853Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1505
6 MEABORNE, John  20 Jun 1800Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I537
7 MEWBURN, Ann Mary  14 May 1850Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I2341
8 MEWBURN, Armstrong  06 Nov 1829Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I748
9 MEWBURN, Charles Hill  Abt Oct 1838Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I2226
10 MEWBURN, Dorothy  Abt Dec 1785Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I663
11 MEWBURN, Elizabeth  Abt Jan 1824Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I871
12 MEWBURN, Elizabeth  Abt Aug 1831Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I875
13 MEWBURN, Hannah  Abt Dec 1800Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I482
14 MEWBURN, James  Abt Jan 1840Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1507
15 MEWBURN, John  Abt Jun 1839Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I2225
16 MEWBURN, John  19 May 1842Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1508
17 MEWBURN, Mary Ann  Abt Apr 1850Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I2228
18 MEWBURN, Thomas  Abt Mar 1836Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1492
19 MEWBURN, Thomas  Abt Feb 1849Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I2349
20 MEWBURN, William John  Abt May 1850Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I2351
21 RICHARDSON, Ann  08 Dec 1834Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1483
22 TAYLOR, John  Abt Dec 1790Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I935


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BURN, Thomas  29 Oct 1788Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I3667
2 CLARK, Matthew  01 Feb 1784Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I3886
3 COWELL, Margaret  01 Nov 1797Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I649
4 FENWICK, Margaret  09 May 1790Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I534
5 JOHNSON, Ann  30 Jan 1853Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1505
6 MEABORNE, John  22 Jun 1800Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I537
7 MEWBURN, Ann Mary  14 May 1850Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I2341
8 MEWBURN, Armstrong  06 Nov 1829Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I748
9 MEWBURN, Charles Hill  11 Oct 1838Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I2226
10 MEWBURN, Dorothy  29 Dec 1785Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I663
11 MEWBURN, Elizabeth  14 Jan 1824Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I871
12 MEWBURN, Elizabeth  14 Aug 1831Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I875
13 MEWBURN, George  19 Oct 1851Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I752
14 MEWBURN, Hannah  16 Dec 1800Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I482
15 MEWBURN, Isabella Ord  31 Aug 1850Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I862
16 MEWBURN, James  07 Jan 1840Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1507
17 MEWBURN, John  16 Jun 1839Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I2225
18 MEWBURN, John  19 May 1842Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1508
19 MEWBURN, John  11 Oct 1847Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1494
20 MEWBURN, Margaret Hannah  16 Feb 1851Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I821
21 MEWBURN, Mary Ann  26 Apr 1850Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I2228
22 MEWBURN, Thomas  20 Mar 1836Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1492
23 MEWBURN, Thomas  30 Nov 1847Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I2350
24 MEWBURN, Thomas  20 Feb 1849Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I2349
25 MEWBURN, William  10 Jun 1813Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I650
26 MEWBURN, William  04 Oct 1820Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I536
27 MEWBURN, William  19 Mar 1848Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I820
28 MEWBURN, William John  29 May 1850Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I2351
29 TAYLOR, John  24 Dec 1790Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I935


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 HARKAS, James Mewburn  01 Feb 1837Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I2220
2 HARKAS, Margaret  21 Jan 1844Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I2222
3 HARKAS, Mary Ann  21 Jan 1844Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I2221
4 HOLBURN, Grace  15 Jun 1794Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I686
5 MEWBURN, Ann  27 May 1792Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I3735
6 MEWBURN, Ann  04 Mar 1838Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1506
7 MEWBURN, Anthony  29 Sep 1820Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I688
8 MEWBURN, Armstrong  25 May 1823Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I689
9 MEWBURN, Charles Hill  10 Dec 1837Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I2226
10 MEWBURN, Elizabeth  30 May 1822Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I871
11 MEWBURN, Elizabeth  29 Jan 1826Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I690
12 MEWBURN, Elizabeth  12 Jul 1829Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I875
13 MEWBURN, George Rain  Oct 1805Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I855
14 MEWBURN, George Rain  04 May 1806Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I855
15 MEWBURN, Grace  13 Jul 1828Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I691
16 MEWBURN, Isabella Ord  22 Jun 1845Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I862
17 MEWBURN, James  23 Jun 1826Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I872
18 MEWBURN, James  10 May 1839Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1507
19 MEWBURN, James  30 Jun 1850Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I864
20 MEWBURN, John  19 Dec 1819Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I869
21 MEWBURN, Lancelot  07 Aug 1822Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1490
22 MEWBURN, Margaret  01 Nov 1797Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1042
23 MEWBURN, Margaret  30 Mar 1817Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I868
24 MEWBURN, Margaret  31 Jul 1831Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I692
25 MEWBURN, Margery  26 Oct 1817Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1485
26 MEWBURN, Mary Ann  13 Sep 1839Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I2228
27 MEWBURN, Ralph  01 Jan 1792Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I852
28 MEWBURN, Ralph  23 Jun 1826Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I873
29 MEWBURN, Richardson  16 Apr 1820Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1488
30 MEWBURN, Thomas  31 Mar 1816Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I749
31 MEWBURN, Thomas  26 Feb 1826Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1492
32 MEWBURN, William  28 Jan 1816Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I858
33 MEWBURN, William  11 Jan 1818Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I687
34 MEWBURN, William  05 Jan 1848Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I820
35 MEWBURN, William Richardson  17 Aug 1828Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1493
36 SANDERSON, Ann  18 Jul 1813Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I3737
37 SANDERSON, Armstrong  14 Jan 1827Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I3744
38 SANDERSON, George  13 Apr 1829Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I3745
39 SANDERSON, Jane  28 Dec 1817Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I3746
40 SANDERSON, John  21 Nov 1819Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I3739
41 SANDERSON, Margaret  13 Jan 1822Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I3740
42 SANDERSON, Mary Ann  17 Oct 1824Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I3741
43 SANDERSON, William  20 Feb 1791Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I3736
44 SANDERSON, William  26 Mar 1815Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I3738
45 STOTHARD, Isabella  10 May 1844Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I895
46 SWAN, Mary  10 Aug 1836Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I755
47 TAYLOR, Ann  16 Apr 1757Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1009
48 TAYLOR, Hannah  07 Jun 1759Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1010
49 TAYLOR, James  07 Oct 1755Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1013
50 TAYLOR, Jane  16 Sep 1747Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1007

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 MEWBURN, George Rain  Abt May 1806Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I855


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BROWN, William  1841Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1087
2 HILLS, Mary Ann  1841Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1489
3 HOLBURN, Grace  1841Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I686
4 JOHNSON, Ann  1841Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1505
5 MEWBURN, Ann  1841Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I3735
6 MEWBURN, Ann  1841Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1506
7 MEWBURN, Anthony  1841Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I688
8 MEWBURN, Armstrong  1841Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I689
9 MEWBURN, Armstrong  1841Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I651
10 MEWBURN, Elizabeth  1841Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I690
11 MEWBURN, Grace  1841Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I691
12 MEWBURN, James  1841Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I872
13 MEWBURN, John  1841Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1508
14 MEWBURN, John  1841Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1482
15 MEWBURN, John  1841Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I869
16 MEWBURN, Margaret  1841Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I868
17 MEWBURN, Margaret  1841Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I692
18 MEWBURN, Mary Ann  1841Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I2228
19 MEWBURN, Ralph  1841Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I873
20 MEWBURN, Ralph  1841Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I852
21 MEWBURN, William  1841Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I858
22 MEWBURN, William  1841Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I687
23 MEWBURN, William Richardson  1841Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1493
24 RUTHERFORD, Elizabeth  1841Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I854
25 SANDERSON, Armstrong  1841Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I3744
26 SANDERSON, John  1841Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I3739
27 SANDERSON, William  1841Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I3736


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census2    Person ID 
1 ALDERSON, Margaret  1851Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I699
2 BROWN, Robert  1851Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1088
3 GARRETT, Sarah  1851Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I750
4 HOLBURN, Grace  1851Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I686
5 MEWBURN, Anthony  1851Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I688
6 MEWBURN, Armstrong  1851Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I751
7 MEWBURN, Armstrong  1851Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I651
8 MEWBURN, Elizabeth  1851Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I690
9 MEWBURN, George  1851Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I752
10 MEWBURN, George Ord  1851Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I861
11 MEWBURN, Grace  1851Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I700
12 MEWBURN, Grace  1851Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I691
13 MEWBURN, James  1851Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I864
14 MEWBURN, Margaret  1851Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I692
15 MEWBURN, Ralph  1851Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I873
16 MEWBURN, Ralph  1851Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I860
17 MEWBURN, Ralph  1851Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I852
18 MEWBURN, Sarah  1851Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I754
19 MEWBURN, Thomas  1851Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I749
20 MEWBURN, William  1851Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I858
21 MEWBURN, William  1851Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I753
22 MEWBURN, William  1851Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I687
23 MEWBURN, William Rutherford  1851Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I863
24 ORD, Eleanor  1851Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I859
25 WEBSTER, George  1851Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1062
26 WEBSTER, John  1851Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1063


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census3    Person ID 
1 BROWN, Robert  1861Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1088
2 BROWN, William  1861Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1087
3 HOLBURN, Grace  1861Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I686
4 MEWBURN, Armstrong  1861Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I651
5 MEWBURN, Elizabeth  1861Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I690
6 MEWBURN, Grace  1861Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I691
7 MEWBURN, Margaret  1861Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I868
8 MEWBURN, Margaret  1861Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I692
9 MEWBURN, William  1861Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I687
10 POTTS, Matthew  1861Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I723
11 POTTS, William A  1861Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1059
12 WEBSTER, Elizabeth G  1861Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1065
13 WEBSTER, George  1861Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1062
14 WEBSTER, Isabella  1861Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1066
15 WEBSTER, John  1861Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1063
16 WEBSTER, William A  1861Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1064


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census4    Person ID 
1 MEWBURN, Elizabeth  1871Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I690
2 MEWBURN, Grace  1871Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I691
3 MEWBURN, Margaret  1871Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I692
4 MEWBURN, William  1871Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I687
5 POTTS, Ada M  1871Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1056
6 POTTS, Ann  1871Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1057
7 POTTS, Elizabeth G  1871Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1054
8 POTTS, Matthew  1871Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I723
9 POTTS, Matthew M  1871Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1055
10 WEBSTER, Elizabeth G  1871Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1065
11 WEBSTER, George  1871Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1067
12 WEBSTER, George  1871Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1062
13 WEBSTER, Isabella  1871Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1066
14 WEBSTER, John  1871Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1063
15 WEBSTER, William A  1871Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1064


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census5    Person ID 
1 CRINSON, John  1881Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1496
2 CRINSON, Margaret  1881Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I2232
3 CRINSON, Mary E  1881Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I2231
4 CRINSON, Robert  1881Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I2230
5 MEWBURN, Elizabeth  1881Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I690
6 MEWBURN, Grace  1881Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I691
7 MEWBURN, Lancelot  1881Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1490
8 MEWBURN, Margaret  1881Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I692
9 MEWBURN, Margaret Jane  1881Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1495
10 MEWBURN, William  1881Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I687
11 POTTS, Ada M  1881Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1056
12 POTTS, Ann  1881Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1057
13 POTTS, Elizabeth G  1881Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1054
14 POTTS, Matthew  1881Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I723
15 POTTS, Matthew M  1881Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1055
16 POTTS, Roseamond  1881Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1058
17 WEBSTER, George  1881Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1067
18 WEBSTER, George  1881Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1062
19 WEBSTER, Isabella  1881Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1066
20 WEBSTER, John  1881Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1063
21 WEBSTER, William A  1881Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1064


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census6    Person ID 
1 MEWBURN, Elizabeth  1891Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I690
2 MEWBURN, Grace  1891Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I691
3 MEWBURN, Margaret  1891Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I692
4 POTTS, Ann  1891Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1057
5 POTTS, Matthew  1891Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I723
6 POTTS, Matthew M  1891Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1055
7 POTTS, Roseamond  1891Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1058
8 WEBSTER, George  1891Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1067
9 WEBSTER, George  1891Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1062
10 WEBSTER, Isabella  1891Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1066
11 WEBSTER, John  1891Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1063


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census7    Person ID 
1 MEWBURN, Margaret  1901Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I692
2 POTTS, Matthew  1901Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I723
3 POTTS, Roseamond  1901Monkwearmouth, Durham, England I1058


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BURN / MEWBURN  09 Jun 1738Monkwearmouth, Durham, England F1181
2 HARKAS / MEWBURN  20 Sep 1836Monkwearmouth, Durham, England F486
3 HOLBURN / MEWBURN  05 Jan 1736Monkwearmouth, Durham, England F1405
4 KIRSOPP / BRUNTON  10 Jul 1799Monkwearmouth, Durham, England F731
5 MEWBURN / HILLS  27 Dec 1836Monkwearmouth, Durham, England F687
6 MEWBURN / JOHNSON  06 Jun 1836Monkwearmouth, Durham, England F493
7 MEWBURN / RICHARDSON  06 Oct 1811Monkwearmouth, Durham, England F485
8 MEWBURN / SWAN  Between Jan and Mar 1856Monkwearmouth, Durham, England F244
9 TAYLOR / MEWBURN  02 Dec 1744Monkwearmouth, Durham, England F299