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Darlington, Durham, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AISLEBY, Margaret  Abt 1723Darlington, Durham, England I800
2 ALDERSON, John William  19 Mar 1875Darlington, Durham, England I1355
3 BLAIR, Joseph  1863Darlington, Durham, England I2362
4 BOTCHERBY, Ellen  Abt 1880Darlington, Durham, England I1368
5 GIBBINS, Edith Lisbourne  Between Apr and Jun 1888Darlington, Durham, England I2197
6 HALL, Thomas  Between Apr and Jun 1858Darlington, Durham, England I5169
7 HINDE, Elizabeth  Abt 1786Darlington, Durham, England I2522
8 HUTCHINSON, Alfred  Between Jul and Sep 1854Darlington, Durham, England I291
9 HUTCHINSON, Edward  Between Oct and Dec 1845Darlington, Durham, England I288
10 HUTCHINSON, Elizabeth  Between Apr and Jun 1842Darlington, Durham, England I285
11 HUTCHINSON, Elizabeth  Abt Jan 1733Darlington, Durham, England I2832
12 HUTCHINSON, Florence  Between Oct and Dec 1847Darlington, Durham, England I289
13 HUTCHINSON, Francis  Between Apr and Jun 1844Darlington, Durham, England I287
14 HUTCHINSON, John  Abt Nov 1735Darlington, Durham, England I2833
15 HUTCHINSON, Katharine Maud  Between Jan and Mar 1851Darlington, Durham, England I290
16 HUTCHINSON, Millicent  Between Oct and Dec 1842Darlington, Durham, England I286
17 HUTCHINSON, Thomas  Between Jul and Sep 1840Darlington, Durham, England I284
18 HUTCHINSON, Thomas  Abt Sep 1705Darlington, Durham, England I2831
19 LAYZENBYE, Ellen  poss 1598Darlington, Durham, England I3502
20 MEABURN, Elsie  06 Jul 1909Darlington, Durham, England I1390
21 MEABURN, Eva  Between Oct and Dec 1891Darlington, Durham, England I1372
22 MEABURN, Matthew  22 Jul 1886Darlington, Durham, England I1370
23 MEABURN, Robert Westmorland  Between Apr and Jun 1884Darlington, Durham, England I1367
24 MEWBURN, Adelaide Smales  Abt Sep 1830Darlington, Durham, England I106
25 MEWBURN, Alfred Adolphus Willan  12 Sep 1851Darlington, Durham, England I1166
26 MEWBURN, Anne  Abt Mar 1822Darlington, Durham, England I110
27 MEWBURN, Caroline  28 Apr 1834Darlington, Durham, England I104
28 MEWBURN, Charlotte  Abt Sep 1831Darlington, Durham, England I113
29 MEWBURN, Dorothy  30 Sep 1827Darlington, Durham, England I101
30 MEWBURN, Dorothy Jane  11 Jan 1817Darlington, Durham, England I108
31 MEWBURN, Elizabeth  23 Jun 1815Darlington, Durham, England I98
32 MEWBURN, Ellen  21 Dec 1819Darlington, Durham, England I105
33 MEWBURN, Emily  Abt Aug 1826Darlington, Durham, England I112
34 MEWBURN, Frances Ann  13 May 1814Darlington, Durham, England I248
35 MEWBURN, Francis "Frank"  15 Dec 1820Darlington, Durham, England I99
36 MEWBURN, Frederick Ernest Willan  Between Oct and Dec 1848Darlington, Durham, England I1165
37 MEWBURN, Grace  Abt Aug 1835Darlington, Durham, England I114
38 MEWBURN, Henry  Abt May 1825Darlington, Durham, England I847
39 MEWBURN, John Thomas Marishall  Between Oct and Dec 1846Darlington, Durham, England I1164
40 MEWBURN, Julia Alberta "Bell"  Between Oct and Dec 1853Darlington, Durham, England I1168
41 MEWBURN, Lucy  Abt May 1823Darlington, Durham, England I111
42 MEWBURN, Lucy  Abt Sep 1829Darlington, Durham, England I103
43 MEWBURN, Lucy Dorothy  Abt Nov 1844Darlington, Durham, England I1162
44 MEWBURN, Mary  Abt Nov 1818Darlington, Durham, England I109
45 PEACOCK, John  Between Jan and Mar 1842Darlington, Durham, England I294
46 PEACOCK, Mary Davison  Between Jan and Mar 1841Darlington, Durham, England I293
47 PEACOCK, William Harrison  Between Jan and Mar 1843Darlington, Durham, England I295
48 PICKERING, Elizabeth  Abt 1836Darlington, Durham, England I3757
49 STEPHENSON, Ann  Abt 1767Darlington, Durham, England I1307


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 AKERS, Mary Isabella  Between Apr and Jun 1889Darlington, Durham, England I1968
2 BRIGGS, Elizabeth  Between Apr and Jun 1850Darlington, Durham, England I1309
3 ELLIOT, James Robert  Between Jan and Mar 1944Darlington, Durham, England I1117
4 GELDART, Jane  Between Apr and Jun 1877Darlington, Durham, England I1160
5 GELDART, William  Between Jan and Mar 1849Darlington, Durham, England I2524
6 HARRISON, Christopher  Abt Sep 1775Darlington, Durham, England I2859
7 HINDE, Elizabeth  Between Jul and Sep 1861Darlington, Durham, England I2522
8 HUTCHINSON, Henry  Jun 1862Darlington, Durham, England I249
9 HUTCHINSON, Thomas  Abt Feb 1757Darlington, Durham, England I2831
10 LANE, Thomas  Between Jul and Sep 1896Darlington, Durham, England I735
11 MEABURN, Eva  14 Oct 1965Darlington, Durham, England I1372
12 MEABURN, William  Between Jul and Sep 1877Darlington, Durham, England I1308
13 MEABURN, William  10 Jan 1935Darlington, Durham, England I1365
14 MEEBURN, Elizabeth  07 Jan 1799Darlington, Durham, England I2637
15 MEWBURN, Anne  10 Jul 1822Darlington, Durham, England I110
16 MEWBURN, Charlotte  Abt Sep 1831Darlington, Durham, England I113
17 MEWBURN, Dorothy  Abt Feb 1772Darlington, Durham, England I1766
18 MEWBURN, Dorothy Jane  06 Jan 1819Darlington, Durham, England I108
19 MEWBURN, Elizabeth  Between Oct and Dec 1886Darlington, Durham, England I1136
20 MEWBURN, Frances Ann  07 Apr 1882Darlington, Durham, England I248
21 MEWBURN, Francis  11 Jun 1867Darlington, Durham, England I36
22 MEWBURN, Grace  24 Dec 1835Darlington, Durham, England I114
23 MEWBURN, Henry  Abt Oct 1825Darlington, Durham, England I847
24 MEWBURN, John  Between Apr and Jun 1871Darlington, Durham, England I865
25 MEWBURN, John  Apr 1773Darlington, Durham, England I798
26 MEWBURN, John Thomas Marishall  01 Feb 1880Darlington, Durham, England I1164
27 MEWBURN, Lucy  Mar 1824Darlington, Durham, England I111
28 MEWBURN, Margaret  Abt Apr 1773Darlington, Durham, England I175
29 MEWBURN, Maria  Abt Sep 1893Darlington, Durham, England I564
30 MEWBURN, Mary  31 Jan 1900Darlington, Durham, England I109
31 MEWBURN, Thomas Marishall  28 Nov 1857Darlington, Durham, England I1159
32 PEACOCK, Mary Davison  26 Mar 1906Darlington, Durham, England I293
33 RAYMENT, Herbert Edgar  Between Oct and Dec 1974Darlington, Durham, England I1373
34 SIMPSON, Fanny  Between Jan and Mar 1925Darlington, Durham, England I1366
35 SMALES, Elizabeth  21 Mar 1884Darlington, Durham, England I97


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 HARRISON, Christopher  17 Sep 1775Darlington, Durham, England I2859
2 HUTCHINSON, Thomas  14 Feb 1757Darlington, Durham, England I2831
3 MEWBURN, Anne  11 Jul 1822Darlington, Durham, England I110
4 MEWBURN, Charlotte  20 Sep 1831Darlington, Durham, England I113
5 MEWBURN, Dorothy  12 Feb 1772Darlington, Durham, England I1766
6 MEWBURN, Dorothy Jane  08 Jan 1819Darlington, Durham, England I108
7 MEWBURN, Francis  15 Jun 1867Darlington, Durham, England I36
8 MEWBURN, Grace  24 Dec 1835Darlington, Durham, England I114
9 MEWBURN, Henry  29 Oct 1825Darlington, Durham, England I847
10 MEWBURN, Lucy  28 Mar 1824Darlington, Durham, England I111
11 MEWBURN, Margaret  04 Apr 1773Darlington, Durham, England I175
12 MEWBURN, Thomas Marishall  02 Dec 1857Darlington, Durham, England I1159
13 SMALES, Elizabeth  27 Mar 1884Darlington, Durham, England I97


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Apprentice/Clerkship    Person ID 
1 MEWBURN, Francis "Frank"  19 Dec 1836Darlington, Durham, England I99
2 MEWBURN, John  09 Jan 1745Darlington, Durham, England I798


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 AISLEBY, Margaret  22 Dec 1723Darlington, Durham, England I800
2 CANT, Mary  19 Jul 1835Darlington, Durham, England I1348
3 HUTCHINSON, Elizabeth  23 Jan 1733Darlington, Durham, England I2832
4 HUTCHINSON, John  05 Nov 1735Darlington, Durham, England I2833
5 HUTCHINSON, Thomas  25 Sep 1705Darlington, Durham, England I2831
6 MEWBURN, Adelaide Smales  22 Sep 1830Darlington, Durham, England I106
7 MEWBURN, Alfred Adolphus Willan  22 Dec 1852Darlington, Durham, England I1166
8 MEWBURN, Anne  04 Jul 1822Darlington, Durham, England I110
9 MEWBURN, Caroline  28 May 1834Darlington, Durham, England I104
10 MEWBURN, Charlotte  13 Sep 1831Darlington, Durham, England I113
11 MEWBURN, Dorothy  31 Oct 1827Darlington, Durham, England I101
12 MEWBURN, Dorothy Jane  16 Jan 1817Darlington, Durham, England I108
13 MEWBURN, Elizabeth  26 Jun 1815Darlington, Durham, England I98
14 MEWBURN, Ellen  23 Dec 1819Darlington, Durham, England I105
15 MEWBURN, Emily  01 Sep 1826Darlington, Durham, England I112
16 MEWBURN, Frances Ann  09 Jun 1814Darlington, Durham, England I248
17 MEWBURN, Francis "Frank"  04 Jan 1821Darlington, Durham, England I99
18 MEWBURN, Frederick Ernest Willan  31 Jan 1849Darlington, Durham, England I1165
19 MEWBURN, Grace  21 Aug 1835Darlington, Durham, England I114
20 MEWBURN, Henry  20 May 1825Darlington, Durham, England I847
21 MEWBURN, John Thomas Marishall  23 Oct 1846Darlington, Durham, England I1164
22 MEWBURN, Julia Alberta "Bell"  24 Dec 1853Darlington, Durham, England I1168
23 MEWBURN, Lucy  12 May 1823Darlington, Durham, England I111
24 MEWBURN, Lucy  23 Sep 1829Darlington, Durham, England I103
25 MEWBURN, Lucy Dorothy  29 Nov 1844Darlington, Durham, England I1162
26 MEWBURN, Mary  27 Nov 1818Darlington, Durham, England I109
27 STEPHENSON, Ann  31 Jan 1767Darlington, Durham, England I1307


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 GELDART, Jane  1841Darlington, Durham, England I1160
2 GELDART, Mary Ann  1841Darlington, Durham, England I2533
3 GELDART, William  1841Darlington, Durham, England I2524
4 HINDE, Elizabeth  1841Darlington, Durham, England I2522
5 MEWBURN, Adelaide Smales  1841Darlington, Durham, England I106
6 MEWBURN, Caroline  1841Darlington, Durham, England I104
7 MEWBURN, Dorothy  1841Darlington, Durham, England I101
8 MEWBURN, Elizabeth  1841Darlington, Durham, England I98
9 MEWBURN, Ellen  1841Darlington, Durham, England I105
10 MEWBURN, Emily  1841Darlington, Durham, England I112
11 MEWBURN, Francis  1841Darlington, Durham, England I36
12 MEWBURN, Francis "Frank"  1841Darlington, Durham, England I99
13 MEWBURN, Lucy  1841Darlington, Durham, England I103
14 MEWBURN, Mary  1841Darlington, Durham, England I109
15 PEACOCK, John Shields  1841Darlington, Durham, England I292
16 PEACOCK, Mary Davison  1841Darlington, Durham, England I293
17 SMALES, Elizabeth  1841Darlington, Durham, England I97

Census 8

Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census 8    Person ID 
1 MEABURN, Eva  1911Darlington, Durham, England I1372
2 MEABURN, Robert Westmorland  1911Darlington, Durham, England I1367
3 MEABURN, William  1911Darlington, Durham, England I1365
4 SIMPSON, Fanny  1911Darlington, Durham, England I1366


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census2    Person ID 
1 GELDART, Jane  1851Darlington, Durham, England I1160
2 GELDART, Mary Ann  1851Darlington, Durham, England I2533
3 GELDART, Perkin Hind  1851Darlington, Durham, England I2534
4 HINDE, Elizabeth  1851Darlington, Durham, England I2522
5 HUTCHINSON, Edward  1851Darlington, Durham, England I288
6 HUTCHINSON, Elizabeth  1851Darlington, Durham, England I285
7 HUTCHINSON, Florence  1851Darlington, Durham, England I289
8 HUTCHINSON, Francis  1851Darlington, Durham, England I287
9 HUTCHINSON, Katharine Maud  1851Darlington, Durham, England I290
10 HUTCHINSON, Millicent  1851Darlington, Durham, England I286
11 MEWBURN, Adelaide Smales  1851Darlington, Durham, England I106
12 MEWBURN, Caroline  1851Darlington, Durham, England I104
13 MEWBURN, Dorothy  1851Darlington, Durham, England I101
14 MEWBURN, Elizabeth  1851Darlington, Durham, England I98
15 MEWBURN, Emily  1851Darlington, Durham, England I112
16 MEWBURN, Frances Ann  1851Darlington, Durham, England I248
17 MEWBURN, Francis  1851Darlington, Durham, England I36
18 MEWBURN, Francis "Frank"  1851Darlington, Durham, England I99
19 MEWBURN, Frederick Ernest Willan  1851Darlington, Durham, England I1165
20 MEWBURN, Jane  1851Darlington, Durham, England I1642
21 MEWBURN, John Thomas Marishall  1851Darlington, Durham, England I1164
22 MEWBURN, Lucy  1851Darlington, Durham, England I103
23 MEWBURN, Lucy Dorothy  1851Darlington, Durham, England I1162
24 MEWBURN, Mary  1851Darlington, Durham, England I109
25 MEWBURN, Thomas Marishall  1851Darlington, Durham, England I1159
26 PEACOCK, John  1851Darlington, Durham, England I294
27 PEACOCK, John Shields  1851Darlington, Durham, England I292
28 PEACOCK, Mary Davison  1851Darlington, Durham, England I293
29 PEACOCK, William Harrison  1851Darlington, Durham, England I295
30 SMALES, Elizabeth  1851Darlington, Durham, England I97


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census3    Person ID 
1 GELDART, Jane  1861Darlington, Durham, England I1160
2 GELDART, Marcia  1861Darlington, Durham, England I2523
3 HINDE, Elizabeth  1861Darlington, Durham, England I2522
4 HUTCHINSON, Alfred  1861Darlington, Durham, England I291
5 HUTCHINSON, Edward  1861Darlington, Durham, England I288
6 HUTCHINSON, Elizabeth  1861Darlington, Durham, England I285
7 HUTCHINSON, Florence  1861Darlington, Durham, England I289
8 HUTCHINSON, Henry  1861Darlington, Durham, England I249
9 HUTCHINSON, Katharine Maud  1861Darlington, Durham, England I290
10 HUTCHINSON, Millicent  1861Darlington, Durham, England I286
11 HUTCHINSON, Thomas  1861Darlington, Durham, England I284
12 MEWBURN, Elizabeth  1861Darlington, Durham, England I98
13 MEWBURN, Emily  1861Darlington, Durham, England I112
14 MEWBURN, Frances Ann  1861Darlington, Durham, England I248
15 MEWBURN, Francis  1861Darlington, Durham, England I36
16 MEWBURN, Frederick Ernest Willan  1861Darlington, Durham, England I1165
17 MEWBURN, Jane  1861Darlington, Durham, England I1642
18 MEWBURN, John Thomas Marishall  1861Darlington, Durham, England I1164
19 MEWBURN, Julia Alberta "Bell"  1861Darlington, Durham, England I1168
20 MEWBURN, Lucy  1861Darlington, Durham, England I103
21 SMALES, Elizabeth  1861Darlington, Durham, England I97


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census4    Person ID 
1 GELDART, Jane  1871Darlington, Durham, England I1160
2 HUTCHINSON, Edward  1871Darlington, Durham, England I288
3 HUTCHINSON, Millicent  1871Darlington, Durham, England I286
4 LANE, Elizabeth  1871Darlington, Durham, England I775
5 LANE, James  1871Darlington, Durham, England I778
6 LANE, Margaret Ann  1871Darlington, Durham, England I776
7 LANE, Richard  1871Darlington, Durham, England I779
8 LANE, Thomas  1871Darlington, Durham, England I774
9 LANE, Thomas  1871Darlington, Durham, England I735
10 MEWBURN, Alfred Adolphus Willan  1871Darlington, Durham, England I1166
11 MEWBURN, Caroline  1871Darlington, Durham, England I104
12 MEWBURN, Elizabeth  1871Darlington, Durham, England I98
13 MEWBURN, Francis "Frank"  1871Darlington, Durham, England I99
14 MEWBURN, Frederick Ernest Willan  1871Darlington, Durham, England I1165
15 MEWBURN, John Thomas Marishall  1871Darlington, Durham, England I1164
16 MEWBURN, Julia Alberta "Bell"  1871Darlington, Durham, England I1168
17 MEWBURN, Maria  1871Darlington, Durham, England I564
18 SMALES, Elizabeth  1871Darlington, Durham, England I97
19 WALKER, Ellen Mewburn  1871Darlington, Durham, England I244


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census5    Person ID 
1 ATKINSON, George  1881Darlington, Durham, England I1137
2 ATKINSON, Margaret Hannah  1881Darlington, Durham, England I2173
3 HUTCHINSON, Millicent  1881Darlington, Durham, England I286
4 LANE, James  1881Darlington, Durham, England I778
5 LANE, Richard  1881Darlington, Durham, England I779
6 LANE, Thomas  1881Darlington, Durham, England I735
7 MEWBURN, Elizabeth  1881Darlington, Durham, England I1136
8 MEWBURN, Elizabeth  1881Darlington, Durham, England I98
9 MEWBURN, Emily  1881Darlington, Durham, England I112
10 MEWBURN, Frances Ann  1881Darlington, Durham, England I248
11 MEWBURN, Francis "Frank"  1881Darlington, Durham, England I99
12 MEWBURN, Frederick Ernest Willan  1881Darlington, Durham, England I1165
13 MEWBURN, Maria  1881Darlington, Durham, England I564
14 SMALES, Elizabeth  1881Darlington, Durham, England I97


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census6    Person ID 
1 MEABURN, Matthew  1891Darlington, Durham, England I1370
2 MEABURN, Robert Westmorland  1891Darlington, Durham, England I1367
3 MEABURN, William  1891Darlington, Durham, England I1365
4 MEWBURN, Maria  1891Darlington, Durham, England I564
5 MEWBURN, Mary  1891Darlington, Durham, England I109
6 PEACOCK, Mary Davison  1891Darlington, Durham, England I293
7 SIMPSON, Fanny  1891Darlington, Durham, England I1366


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census7    Person ID 
1 MEABURN, Eva  1901Darlington, Durham, England I1372
2 MEABURN, Matthew  1901Darlington, Durham, England I1370
3 MEABURN, Robert Westmorland  1901Darlington, Durham, England I1367
4 MEABURN, William  1901Darlington, Durham, England I1365
5 SIMPSON, Fanny  1901Darlington, Durham, England I1366


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 MEWBURN, Francis  Darlington, Durham, England I36


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 MEWBURN, John  20 Apr 1772Darlington, Durham, England I798


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 /   Between Apr and Jun 1919Darlington, Durham, England F620
2 ALDERSON / MEABURN  Between Jul and Sep 1898Darlington, Durham, England F434
3 ELLIOT / NEWTON  Between Oct and Dec 1890Darlington, Durham, England F1832
4 GELDART / HINDE  11 Jul 1805Darlington, Durham, England F777
5 HALL / MEABURN  17 Apr 1858Darlington, Durham, England F423
6 HARRISON / MEWBURN  13 Nov 1756Darlington, Durham, England F878
7 HUTCHINSON / MEWBURN  20 Dec 1836Darlington, Durham, England F72
8 KEARY / MEWBURN  30 Jul 1863Darlington, Durham, England F70
9 LEGG / MEABURN  Between Jan and Mar 1876Darlington, Durham, England F1548
10 MEABURN / BLAIR  Between Jan and Mar 1935Darlington, Durham, England F466
11 MEABURN / BOTCHERBY  Between Jul and Sep 1906Darlington, Durham, England F440
12 MEABURN / HARWOOD  Between Jan and Mar 1854Darlington, Durham, England F416
13 MEABURN / PICKERING  02 Sep 1862Darlington, Durham, England F1209
14 MEABURN / SIMPSON  Between Oct and Dec 1890Darlington, Durham, England F439
15 MILLER / MEWBURN  Sep 1855Darlington, Durham, England F43
16 PEACOCK / MEWBURN  17 Oct 1839Darlington, Durham, England F83
17 RAYMENT / MEABURN  Between Apr and Jun 1919Darlington, Durham, England F443
18 RUTTER / HERRING  Between Jul and Sep 1898Darlington, Durham, England F985
19 RUTTER / LASS  Between Oct and Dec 1919Darlington, Durham, England F984
20 WALKER / MEWBURN  01 Sep 1842Darlington, Durham, England F42