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Arms for Francis Mewburn 1785-1867
Arms for Francis Mewburn 1785-1867
Warmest greetings! I'm glad you have found us.

This is a website devoted to the Family Tree for all Mewburns and Meaburns - though the ones who appear here are not the living.

The Tree
The Tree contains a record for almost every Mewburn ever born in England; pretty much all those from Canada; and a high proportion of those from Australia and New Zealand. Privacy restrictions mean that the end point for these records is about 75 years ago. There are, nevertheless, more recent ones on a separate database and also in the tree. They are ones that have been found along the way or notified to me by correspondents - but they have not been systematically gathered. Many of those born within the last 75 years will still be alive. Where these living people are recorded in the Tree their existence will be indicated but no name or other details will be available for any of them.

The Tree will always be developing and improving. It is forever work in progress and is the product of a learning process to discover family linkages, relationships and stories. So if you are a Mewburn/Meaburn or a descendant, or just knowledgable about them, I'd love to hear from you and would welcome feedback and input to make the Tree more nearly complete and to add stories to the story of this fascinating family.

If you are an American Mewborn please accept my apologies, you are not in this tree - at least not yet. I'd love to see some proof that the Mewborns are related to the Mewburns/Meaburns/Meburns. Please get in touch if you think there is proof.

Using the Tree

If you wish to explore or discover details of your own branch of the family then searching from a known Mewburn/Meaburn ancestor, such as a grandfather, will give the best results. Use the search facility at the far top right of this page.

You could also start at the top of the Tree itself and explore forwards in history from there. To do that, carry out a search for 'Concestor Meburn' then rummage around after that. Concestor Meburn is the top of the Tree and is of course a dummy record, no one ever had such a name! There are quite a number of other dummy records in the Tree and they provide a rough categorisation of historical groupings of Mewburn and Meaburn lines. There are many early fragments and, as yet, it has not been possible to work out how they have been related. The dummy records are a substitute for linkages and mostly group the fragments by location. See what you can make of it.

You will also find quick links to the start of the Mewburn and Meaburn lines in the Site Menu to the left of this page.


Most Wanted - I am looking for more information about your Mewburn ancestors. Can you help?

The Rev. James Mewburn of Acomb (1762-1807) kept a diary. Where is it now? Last heard of around 1920.

Check out:

- Pocahontas, on this site.

- Francis Mewburn 1748, apothecary/surgeon, and his medical descendants.

- Francis Mewburn 1785, the first railway solicitor; instrumental in the creation of the Stockton to Darlington railway.

- Maj. Gen. Sydney Chilton Mewburn CMG, 1865, Canadian cabinet minister.

- Simon Mewburn 1709, and the Acomb line.

- Thomas Mewburn 1768, slave owner, British Guiana.

- John 1762 and Barak 1800 Mewburn, London silversmiths.

- Joshua Mewburn 1817-c1855, Pākehā-Māori.

- John Clayton Mewburn 1840, patent lawyer and founder of Mewburn Ellis LLP.

- Anthony Meaburn c1688 of Pontop, Roman Catholic recusant.

- John Ambler Meaburn 1782, shipowner, Boston, Lincs., ancestor to today's Tasmanian Meaburns.

- John Mewburn 1810, convict transportee; ancestor of many Australian Mewburns.

- William Mewburn 1817, stockbroker; Methodist benefactor; Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Oxfordshire.

- Robert Wilkinson Mewburn 1827, convict transportee; Mandurah schoolteacher, Western Australia.

- Thomas Mewburn Crook 1869, sculptor.

- Edward Mewburn Walker 1857, Provost of Queen's College, Oxford.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or comments about the information on this site, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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24 Jun 2015 - Started to create this site.

17 Feb 2018 - Latest version of the tree uploaded.

A history of the Mewburn silversmiths has been published! See them at this link:

Note: This site makes no use of the Photos, Documents, Histories, Cemeteries, Headstones or Reports features that appear in the left hand menu. There is, though, a great array of Sources. Family histories and other written and published information can be found at another website