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51 A plausible baptism is 16 Nov 1769 at Knaresdale, Northumberland to Walter Fletcher and Mary. Perhaps a better one is at Gateshead on 30 Sep 1759 with father Edward. That ties in reasonably with a burial at South Shields on 14 Feb 1826 though the age is given as 70, three years older than expected. FLETCHER, Jane (I942)
52 A Probate record at Whitby in May 1744 for Ambrose Beckwith Esq. may be for him. BECKWITH, Ambrose (I5031)
53 A receiving order was issued instituting bankruptcy proceedings on 28 Aug 1897; living then at Red Cottage, 51 Chapel Park Road, St Leonards-on-Sea, Sussex. Timber merchant at Cardiff and Bristol. The London Gazette, 03 Sep 1897, issue 26888, page 4965.

08 Jun 1899, discharge granted but suspended for two years - assets not equal to 10s in the pound. The London Gazette, 11 Jul 1899.Issue 27097, page 4334. 
OGDEN, William Sutcliffe (I596)
54 A seaman. He married in Australia. They had a son in Kent. Four years later wife Dorothy emigrated, with Graeme, back to her native Australia in 1955. MEWBURN, Henry 'Harry' George William (I790)
55 A six-year old Jane died at Whitby on 25 Nov 1785. Have assumed she was not this one, and assigned a marriage accordingly.
The burial is possibly for her given that the age at death matches exactly her baptism. 
MEWBURN, Jane (I1600)
56 A tree on Ancestry gives the exact birth date (unproven) , and says it was at McPhail.

There is a death at Dubbo in 1962 for John Joseph Macgaw that is probably for him, and an entry at Peak Hill Cemetery. 
MCGAW, John 'Jack' Joseph (I3299)
57 A widow at the time of the marriage. RIDLEY, Elizabeth (I2564)
58 According to Dorothea Mewburn Watson there was "Dorothy, the second daughter, became Mrs Harrison". FamilySearch has a marriage in 1756.
Described as deceased in will of brother John of Darlington 20 Apr 1772. 
MEWBURN, Dorothy (I1766)
59 Acted in pantomimes and melodramas; wrote pantomimes.
Was calling himself George Augustus M. Slater at the time of his marriage. 
SLATER, George Mewburn (I298)
60 Admitted to St Paul's School, London 12 October 1844, aged 9.
Apprenticed in the Merchant Navy on the Resolution in Dec 1849. Bound on the 15th for an indenture starting on the 13th with a 5-year term. Interestingly he was bound to a Thomas Chilton of Liverpool, to Serve in the Resolution. He did have an uncle Thomas Chilton.
Register Ticket number 480,961 at London, 1854. (BT 114/14)
Certified Second Mate 31 January 1855; First Mate 26 June 1856, at Bristol; Master 03 February 1859, at Liverpool. In applying to be a Master he produced cerificates for his time as a mate starting 18 February 1855 but indicated that he had served for 6 years and 10 months prior to that, suggesting he went to sea around April 1848.
St Paul's records have him leaving some time in 1849

Gentleman's Magazine 199 records the marriage as:
"At East Horndon, Essex, Chilton Mewburn, esq. to Emily, youngest dau. of Thos. Stone, esq. of Heron Hall"
Chilton appears as Newburn in various records. 
MEWBURN, Chilton (I121)
61 Admitted to St Paul's School, London 14 November 1845, aged 9.
After his father's death in 1850 he has not been found in the 1851 England census or the one in 1852 for parts of Canada. WG Reive in his 'Historical and genealogical notes' claims that he came to Canada in 1852.
In the 1861 Agricultural census Francis is farming 100 acres, 70 cultivated, worth $10, 000. His uncle John holds a small part of the same plot.
MI at the Anglican Cemetery, according to Reive gives his dates as 1836-1917; husband of Henrietta (1836-18820; father of Frances Louisa and Lewis O. 
MEWBURN, Francis (I122)
62 Admitted to St Paul's School, London on 06 March 1841 aged 8.
It may be that Eden Greville found him his job at the Charity Commission, since he later adopted his daughter Lilian (see 1871 census).
Probate 16 Apr 1872. Effects under £450. 
MEWBURN, Bowyer (I120)
63 Admitted to the Freedom of the City of London by the Company of Goldsmiths 03 July 1844.
Assumed the Henry J death in Australia is him.
The London Gazette, issue 20779, page 3538, 5 October 1847 shows an appearance at the Court for Relief of Insolvent Debtors of:
John Henry Mewburn, at present, and for twelve months past, residing at No. 20, Charlotte-street, Fitzroy-square, Middlesex, Dealer in Fancy Goods.
A Mr and Mrs Mewburn did travel steerage to Port Jackson, NSW arriving 08 Mar 1848 - could be them? A new start after business failure?
Date of death given in probate case for Joshua (TNA J 121/060)
Lived at 80 Hunter Street, Sydney and had premises at Market St in July 1857.
Insolvency Court (1858) Sydney Morning Herald, Tuesday 26 October, p2, Surrenders:
"Henry John Mewburn, of Hunter Street, Sydney, fancy bazaar keeper. Liabilities, £262 12s 9d. Assets - value of personal property, £80; outstanding debts, £1 16s.; total £81 16s. Deficit £180 16s. 9d. Mr Wilson, official assignee."
Deaths (1858) Sydney Morning Herald, No 6412, Vol 39:
On the 22nd instant in Pitt-street North, Mr Henry John Mewburn, late of Hunter-street, aged 40 years." 
MEWBURN, Henry John (I1222)
64 Admitted to the Freedom of the City of London by the Company of Goldsmiths 05 Feb 1817.
Death date given in probate case over Joshua's estate. 
MEWBURN, Henry John (I1216)
65 Admitted to the Freedom of the City of London by the Company of Goldsmiths 06 December 1843.
Living with sister Louisa and husband in 1851.
Married at 275 George Street, Sydney (Sydney Morning Herald, Tuesday 21 August 1860).
He left Sydney in April 1855 for the Turon Diggings according to the probate cas over his brother Joshua. A gold strike in 1852 had created a gold rush then. By Dec 1857 there had been no further word of Bill (Augustus William).
Bill was back in Sydney and wrote to Barak in Oct 1859, having been travelling round the gold fields for four years.
Another letter fromAugustus to Barak in Aug 1862.
Barak in a speculative letter to Josh mentions brother William as having a son but then William recounts his death.
Living at Wakatah House, Kiama, NSW in 1862, aiming to run the place as a boarding house - 17 rooms, but also selling watches and jewellery.
Living at 14 Parramatta Old Road, Glebe/Forest Lodge in 1890 
MEWBURN, Augustus William (I1226)
66 Adopted by the Greville family then married one of the Greville sons. MEWBURN, Lilian Isabel (I161)
67 Adopted [pers com. Stuart Mewburn]
Appears in the voters roll for 1974 living at 6566 Pioneer, Agassiz, Fraser Valley East, BC with Heather Ann. There is a Donald at 2432 Ker Street, Niagara Falls in 1965, with a Mrs Patricia - a first marriage? 
MEWBURN, Donald Bernard (I371)
68 Adopted. LEDDER, Margaret (I3007)
69 Air Gunner in the RAF Volunteer Reserve. Died on war service - Sergeant, RAF Volunteer Reserve; memorial 10.B.5 Rheinberg War Cemetery. Cemetery photo on MEWBURN, Hugh Harrison (I1185)
70 Alderrman of York 1853, Lord Mayor 1855, 1865 and 1866.

Knighted in 1869.

Entry in Cambridge Alumni reads:
Adm. pens. at ST JOHN'S, Apr. 11, 1837. Of Yorks. [Only s. of James, Lord Mayor of York. B. there, June 28, 1815.] Left Cambridge to become a partner in his father's commercial firms at York. Chairman of York City and County Banking Company for many years. Lord Mayor of York, 1855-6, 1865-6 and 1866-7. Captain Commandant, 1st West York Rifle Volunteers, 1860. Knighted, at Windsor Castle, July 9, 1869. Married (1) June 20, 1839, Hannah, dau. of John Kettlewell, of Acaster Malbis; (2) May 10, 1845, Eleanor, dau. of Matthew Smith, of Scarborough. Died Jan. 10, 1891, at Cheltenham. (Boase, II. 833; Eagle, XVI. 477.)
MEEK, James (I4586)
71 Alice Thomason who appears with her in the 1939 Register may be an elder sister. THOMASON, Helen (I1371)
72 Alive in 1572, and in 1614 at the time of Anthony's will.
Burial in 1647 at Witton le Wear could be for him. 
MEABURNE, George (I806)
73 Alive in 1572, and in 1614 at the time of Anthony's will. MEABURNE, Henry (I808)
74 Alive in 1572, but perhaps not by 1614 at the time of Anthony's will. MEABURNE, Francis (I805)
75 Alive in 1614 MEABURN, Elizabeth (I644)
76 also marriage ceremony at York on 11 Aug 1829.
Exact date of death from John Mewburn Levien's article in the Whitby Gazetter 08 Nov 1929. 
CHILTON, Hannah (I119)
77 An assumption has been made, though we cannot be certain, that that the Stainton burial of 1655 is for him as he is the only Christopher known around that time, and as it seems that his eldest son had moved to Stainton. The burial there of an Ellina a few years later may also be significant and is taken to be his wife Ellen. MEWBORN, Christopher (I3707)
78 An Edwin appears in Electoral rolls at Corryong, Vic between 1903 and 1914. In 1903 is with a Grace Mary, but that is probably Grace Mary Mildren who married an Edwin in 1899 - so not even Edwin Georges parents. No other sign of Edwin George until the death at Strickland. GARING, Edwin G (I3266)
79 An executor for her mother's will in 1761, when described as a spinster at Blackwell. MEWBURN, Elizabeth (I733)
80 An illegitimate child. MEBURNE, John (I4228)
81 An image of the gravestone for William and Mary is on MEABURN, William David (I1429)
82 An item in the West Australian 24 Feb 1896 shows that she resigned as vice at Mandurah School on 24 Feb 1896. MEWBURN, Mary Ann Charlotte (I2181)
83 An obituary of Gladys May, by her daughter Gloria Toohey, appears in The Fig Tree, the Journal of the Manning Wallamba Family History Society Inc., No. 112, Oct-Dec 2009. MEWBURN, Gladys May (I3292)
84 Ancestry's transcription of the NZ births index gives birth date as between 1840-1854!
Henry seems to have moved to Australia and appears in the Government Gazettes 04 Feb 1899 and again on 18 Mar 1899 having purchsed land in New South Wales at Barmedman, Mandamah, Bland County.
Listed as a miner at Barmedman in 1913 (apparently on his own).
A death at Temora in 1922 (reg No 3414/1922) for a Henry Newburn might be for him (though said to be only 70). 
MEWBURN, Henry Aitken (I2856)
85 Ann died unmarried at Stamford in 1862. Probate was granted in England on 06 Dec 1877 (15 years after death) at same time as sister Henrietta and just after father John.
MEWBURN, Ann (I93)
86 Ann Pounder, who William was staying with in 1841, was a daughter of Alice Meaburn (1799). MEABURN, William (I3752)
87 Ann's birth and death dates from an unsubstantiated IGI entry.

1861 census may not be for her - there is a 1796 Ann Mewburn from Stranton. 
MELLANBY, Ann (I1130)
88 Anne's origins are unknown (could speculate whether she is a daughter of Henry married to Margaret Garnett in 1606).
Whether the illegitimate birth in 1626 is for the same Anne who was married in 1641 and had a son James in 1642 is all uncertain. The combination is quite possible but cannot be proved. It has been set up that way here as a convenient way to provide a placeholder for the children.
Burial assumed to be for her - no other Anne's known at that period.
MEWBURNE, Anne (I3510)
89 Anthony bought Pontop in 1603 and it remained in the family's hands until 1732. The Meaburns built Pontop Hall.
Will dated 31 March, probate 29 April 1614. 
MEABURN, Anthony (I641)
90 Apparently living at East Boldon at the time of administration for daughter Elizabeth's will on 30 March 1826. However there is no trace of a burial for her - the burial for Anne Mewburn at East Boldon in 1827 gives an age of 72 (i.e. born c1755) which is much too young for Ann Robson and must be for Ann Jefferson wife of Thomas of Boldon. ROBSON, Ann (I1651)
91 Apparently no children. MEWBURN, Dorothy Johnson (I2436)
92 Apparently Wesleyan methodist.
Member of the Shipbuilders and Shipowners Association. 
MEWBURN, Armstrong (I751)
93 Appeared on Rootsweb in 2009. Since vanished.¬hutchfield/ontario15.html 
Source (S168)
94 Appears as an executor (and yeoman) for his mother's 1736 admon.
He is mentioned in the legal proceedings of 1726 involving Miles Mewburn of North Loftus.
He is in the 1741 Poll Book for Yorkshire. 
MEWBURN, Miles (I2152)
95 Appears as Meburn on baptism. MEABURN, Mary (I2794)
96 Appears as Muburn on baptism, but generally as Mewburn. MEWBURN, Thomas (I1576)
97 Appears at 28 Hewitt Road, Hornsey in the 1925 electoral register. But later apperas as Furst.
Often used the name Furst (step-father). 
MEWBURN, Mary Jane Best (I1090)
98 Appears first in 1937 electoral roll.

Known from item commemorating mother's death:

Cremation notice for 01 mar 2001 in Sydney Morning Herald. 
MEWBURN, Joan Margarey (I3391)
99 Appears in 1784 will of grandmother Hannah Wilkinson Mewburn. DALE, Hannah (I2918)
100 Appears in 1784 will of grandmother Hannah Wilkinson Mewburn. DALE, Mewburn (I2917)

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