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201 Birth is listed in William Mewburn's account book in his extract from the Eston Registers.
Have assumed that the burial of 92-year old Elizabeth Mewburn at Eston in 1781 is John's second wife Elizabeth Snowdon - matches birth date. 
SNOWDON, Elizabeth (I181)
202 Birth is speculative.
Of Acomb House. 
ARMSTRONG, Simon (I472)
203 Birth is uncertain - at least two candidates:
1700, Glaisdale, father William
1702, Danby, father John
SCARTH, Elizabeth (I2627)
204 Birth listed in genuki from transcription by Paul Joiner - parent 'Samuel of Eglescliffe'. MEWBOURN, Margaret (I4040)
205 Birth recorded in Account book of Francis.
John Mewburn Levien give Jane's death in his article in the Whitby Gazetter 08 Nov 1929. 
MEWBURN, Jane (I118)
206 Birth registered as Hamilton - father unknown. MEWBURN, Duncan Cameron (I4090)
207 Birth registered as Mewburn.
1911 census indicates that there were two other children born and died.
1939 Register gives 02 Sep as birth day.
Death index gives the only George death in this period as Mar 1955; probate makes it 1961!!! 
MEABURN, George (I1402)
208 Birth registered as Mewburn.
Of the Half Moon Inn Lazenby. 
MEABURN, James (I1404)
209 Birth registered as Mewburn.
The death in 1943 at Leeds seems likely for her. 
MEABURN, Elizabeth (I1356)
210 Birth registered as Mewburn. MEABURN, Charles (I1406)
211 Birth registered as Mewburn. MEABURN, John (I1400)
212 Birth registered as Mewburn. MEABURN, Phoebe Elizabeth (I1399)
213 Birth registered as Mewburn. MEABURN, Matthew [Tat] William (I1397)
214 Birth registered as Mewburn. MEABURN, John Robert (I1363)
215 Birth registered as Mewburn. MEABURN, John George (I1362)
216 BIrth registered as Mewburn. MEABURN, Mary (I1358)
217 Birth, to a John, is a plausible one but not verified. KIRSOPP, Thomas (I1751)
218 Bishopton today is a modest sized village but in the 17th-18th centuries can have been little more than a handful of houses. The early Meaburn cluster for Bishopton consists of 26 births over 80 years with enough local marriages to suggest they were all fairly closely related. Records do not spell out that relationship but inferences have been made. The structure that follows must therefore be treated with caution. The spelling used is generally Meaburn, though Meburn also appears, as do a few other variants.

To begin with there are births for a William and two Johns. William and the first John may have been roughly contemporary (given the dates of their childrens' births) at about 1655 and 1662 while the second John, c1680, could have been a son to either of the other two (or neither).

Much later a birth for William in 1769 (linked back to John 1680, though with little evidence), leads to 19th century Stainton where we can be fairly certain about relationships and linkages. These Stainton Meaburns are occasionally spelt as Mewburn; and of course Cleveland Mewburns had lived there in earlier times.

The line in later times is unusually prolific (George, 1805-1885, is the record holder with 20 children). It starts properly with births at Stainton from 1797, fathered by a William, a weaver, who claims to be from Bishopston in County Durham. The inference that he is William (1769 )has been made but cannot be proved.

The line spreads out to Auckland, County Durham, Eston and Bedale in Yorkshire; also to Stockton and Darlington and even Surrey.

William, a second blacksmith, at Eston produced eleven children including 6 sons who themselves produced children and made this a successful family, genealogically.

This line gives us the largest number of 20th century births for Meaburn.
MEABURN, Bishopton (I467)
219 BMD and other announcements in Australian newspapers. Source (S204)
220 Board of Trade Source (S170)
221 Born at East End. WATSON, Sarah (I3892)
222 Born at George Street, Sunderland.
In borther Henry's will of 1840 James is said to be a labourer at Warkworth in Northumberland (but then marries in 1841 and appears in the 1841 census at Bishopwearmouth).
Guessing about the first marriage, but it fits with the 1841 census for James Meaburn at Bishopwearmouth.

In the 1853 Electoral Register for Sunderland he is listed at Low Stree, Ryhope with a freehold house and shop. 
MEWBURN, James (I1675)
223 Born at Girsby Grange. MEWBURN, Elizabeth (I938)
224 Born at Hawkswell Place. WILLIAMS, Roger Desmond (I606)
225 Born at Hawkwell Place, Pembury.
Death notice in Times 13 Jan 1988. 
MEWBURN, Margaret Priscilla (I610)
226 Born at Leak House, Borrowby, Thirsk.
BMD has two marriage dates listed at Stockton for Mary and William Henry in 1871 and 1872. 
MEWBURN, Mary (I1528)
227 Born at Leak House, Borrowby, Thirsk.
Exact date of marriage from Guild of One-Name Studies marriage index. Married at Acklam St Mary.

Robert had a bit of a temper. At Wolsingham he worked for Joseph Vickers and a report from the Northern Echo of 08 July 1896 was repeated in Life and Times in Victorian Weardale.
"Robert Mewburn, a hind for Councillor Vickers was charged with assault on Thomas Dawson at Sandedge on Sunday May 10th, 1896. Dawson who had an allotment on Wolsingham Moor said that his sheep were driven off a part of the moor where he had put them, and that when he took them back, he had an argument with Mewburn who he alleged barged him with his horse, knocking him down and threatening to kill him and bury him on the fell ... Robert Mewburn was fined 2s 6d and costs..."
Sanderson, Frank. (2012) Life and Times in Vistorian Weardale: The letters of Francis Vickers. Amazon. 
MEWBURN, Robert (I1534)
228 Born at Leak House, Borrowby, Thirsk.
Sent to boarding school at Aiskew with sister Jane.
Exact date of marriage from Guild of One-Name Studies marriage index. Married at Stainton, St Peter & St Paul. 
MEWBURN, Sarah Ann (I1532)
229 Born at Leak House, Borrowby, Thirsk.
Sent to boarding school at Aiskew with sister Sarah.
MEWBURN, Jane Wiltshier (I1530)
230 Born at Leak House, Borrowby, Thirsk. MEWBURN, Eliza (I1536)
231 Born at Low Street. This birth is remarkable as his father is said to have died around 1815! WATSON, Thomas (I3894)
232 Born Derby or Liverpool?
Electoral registers show him living at Fernleigh, Thorold Road, Ilford in 1897 and 1898 and at 22 Empress Avenue, Ilford from 1901 to 1910. 
MEWBURN, Francis Chilton (I140)
233 Born Low Street. WATSON, Eleanor (I3893)
234 Bridget, Frances and Jane were baptised together on 30 Oct 1831. Subsequent declarations of age in censuses make it seem unlikely they were triplets.
Bridget may have been born around 1829 if her age at marriage (27) is correct. Some census data could make it as early as 1827.
The birth of Joseph has been randomly assigned to Bridget. He may be the son of any of Bridget's sisters.
Bridget was living next door to her mother in Barker Street at the 1861 census. 
MEWBURN, Bridget (I526)
235 Bridget, Frances and Jane were baptised together on 30 Oct 1831. Subsequent declarations of age in censuses make it seem unlikely they were triplets.
Frances, though consistently underestimates her age in censuses - so a birth close to the baptism date seems likely.
MEWBURN, Frances (I527)
236 Bridget, Frances and Jane were baptised together on 30 Oct 1831. Subsequent declarations of age in censuses make it seem unlikely they were triplets.
In censuses Jane consistently gives her age as equivalent to a birth in 1830.
Exact marriage date from the Newcastle Journal 22 Dec 1849.
A later emigration is linked to them - Jane Mewburn Aitchison (nee Elliot) apparently went to Australia 1926.
Spelling can be Elliott. 
MEWBURN, Jane (I528)
237 Brother Augustus was living with her in 185. MEWBURN, Louisa (I2040)
238 Brother of Fanny Young. YOUNG, Reuben (I70)
239 Brother of Roger. WILLIAMS, Godfrey Edgar Mostyn (I611)
240 Burial assumed to be for her - the only one for a Mary around then. MEBURNE, Mary (I2596)
241 Burial assumed to be for him. MEABURN, William (I3119)
242 Burial assumed to be for this William (rather than Will 1706) because it does not describe him as "son of" which would have been typical of young deaths in that parish.
There is a burial in 1728 for an Ellen Meaburn, widow. Perhaps she was his wife? Or an Ann in 1703? 
MEABURN, William (I2793)
243 Burial for a Janne at St Nicholas in 1628 might have been for her. MEBORNE, Jayne (I4487)
244 Burial in name of Priorman is probably for her. MEABURN, Mary (I2807)
245 Burial index list her as Mewburn, but have assumed it is her. MEBURN, Hannah (I3853)
246 Burial is assumed to be for this Ann as we have no other known from Newcastle at this time. (), Ann (I4529)
247 Burial is indexed at where she lies with James at Section 1, row 13, area 10, plot 1 FAUTZ, Laura (I2560)
248 Burial is not certain but seems probable given the unusual name. Given that it is only a year after marriage it could be the result of complications after childbirth - a common matter then. MEBOURN, Margaret (I2619)
249 Burial not certain to be for her (implies she was 10 years older than Thomas). WOOD, Jane (I1000)
250 Burial record may be for her simply because age is right. MEABURN, Elizabeth 'Betty' (I1207)

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