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151 Baptised Colson COULSON, Ann (I188)
152 Baptised Mewbourn.
£150 in father's will. 
MEWBURN, Prudence (I168)
153 Baptised Mewbourn.
£150 in father's will. 
MEWBURN, Eleanor (I167)
154 Baptised Mewbourn. MEWBURN, Mary (I169)
155 Baptised Mewbourn. MEWBURN, Dorothy (I165)
156 Baptised Mewbrun. MEWBURN, Thomas (I171)
157 Baptised Mewburn. MEABURN, Alice (I1314)
158 Baptised Mewburn. MEABURN, George (I1313)
159 Baptised Mewburn. MEABURN, William (I1308)
160 Baptism at Hutton Rudby is probably for her, since marriage is there too and John Mewburn then settled there with her. APPLETON, Martha (I1791)
161 Baptism is the only one in Durham. BANKES, Elizabeth (I4623)
162 Baptism records are lacking information about her parentage, other than just that her father was 'Rainey' (might she have been illegitimate?).
She married as Rainy.
Hackney archives have a letter (unseen) from Desdemona in Paris asking solicitors to pay her profits from her deceased father's estate - what was she doing there? and the father apperars to be named James Neve rather than Rainey! Might it have been that James Neve was her father and that her mother was a Rainey?
James Neve's will in 1826 describes Desdemona as his "natural or reputed daughter" - so she was illegitimate, but nonethless profits greatly from his estate. James was the Deputy Lieutenant for the county of Lincolnshire. A codicil provides an annuity to an Elizabeth Rainey of Saltfleet, perhaps Desdemona's mother?
Curious that Desdemona is listed as 'Mary' in the 1851 census. 
RAINEY, Desdemona Neve (I1613)
163 Baptism seems likely to be for her despite the spelling - Aycliffe is only six miles from Bishopton. BOWNASSE, Anne (I2790)
164 Became a doctor, graduating from Edinburgh in 1940. Naval reservist and served in WW2 as a surgeon Lieutenant. Lived at The Dene, in Alfriston in the 1960s and 70s. TROUP, William David Gardiner (I959)
165 Became a doctor, graduating from St Andrews in 1913 and with MD in 1934.
Gained MC in WW1.
Latterly lived at 10 Chiswick Place, Eastbourne. 
TROUP, Dr William Annandale (I603)
166 Became a naturalised American citizen at Los Angeles on 22 Nov 1922. Gives birth date as 31 Jan 1892 and occupation electrician. Came to USA on 30 Sep 1919 from Vancouver, Canada and had lived at Keremeous in Canada. Gives names as Charles Hugh Barre Walker.

!942 Draft Registration Card has him living at Ridgewood Ranch, Willits, Mendocino, CA and working for the C.S. Howard Company. 
WALKER, Charles Hugh Barre (I2760)
167 BecauseThomas Morgan is also of Heighington, have assumed the marriage is for this Jane and not for Jane 1683 of Bishopton. MEABURN, Jane (I5447)
168 Believe that the 1675 Poll Book listing is most likely for him. MEWBOURNE, Anthony (I811)
169 Believe the 1826 probate record that mentions mother Ann is for this Elizabeth daughter of Henry. Why Ann should have been living at Boldon as the probate record seems to say is a bit of a mystery.
Elizabeth's Burials Index record gives an age of 27 but this is belived to be a transcription error for 57 - which then fits with her birth in 1766. 
MEWBURN, Elizabeth (I1658)
170 Believed to have had four children. MEWBURN, Betty (I3653)
171 Belived to be John Mewburn of Crab Tree Hall in Stokesley, executor to William Mewburn, 1762-1806? Daughter Jane claimed to be born at Crab Tree in the 1851 census.

Occupations from children's baptisms on findmypast.

He had brothers since his will mentions nephew William of Kirby Fleetham. 
MEWBURN, John (I2359)
172 Bengal Marriages gives her name as Julia B. De Verinne.

Julia appears in the Lunacy Patients Admission Registers being entered at the West Malling institution on the 28th March 1866, just a year after her fourth child was born, and then discharged on the 2nd October 1867. It may be that she was then moved into private care where we find her in subsequent censuses. In the 1871 census she is described as 'of unsound mind, not from birth'; in 1881 she is listed simpy as a lunatic. 
DEVERINE, Julia Bell (I514)
173 Benjamin Sorsbie was sheriff of Newcastle in 1804, Mayor in 1814 and again in 1827. MEWBURN, Henry Benjamin Sorsbie (I681)
174 Bernard's birth and death deatils are unproven - taken from trees on Ancestry with no sources. HALLINAN, Bernard Michael 'Mick' (I3300)
175 Birth a death details from the Rosenburg Family tree on Ancestry. MEWBURN, Mark Rodney (I4448)
176 Birth also described as at Elwick. MEABURN, John (I1347)
177 Birth and death dates from Stuart Mewburn (via photo of gravestone). Specific dates from Mike Armstrong's tree on Ancestry. MEWBURN, Ruth Gertrude (I2882)
178 Birth and death details are from Tikwis Begbie's website - DE BRUYN, Johanna Feuilliteau (I1660)
179 Birth and Death details unproven - taken from a tree on Ancestry with no sources. KEARINES, James Cecil (I3301)
180 birth and death from memorial at Lee St John, via 'Trudi' on Rootsweb SAVORY, Elizabeth Fanny (I496)
181 Birth at Kirkligton is assumed form burial record. As her father is recorded as Mr. he views himself as a gentleman. Hurworth is just across the river from Croft. WILKINSON, Frances (I937)
182 Birth date extrapolated from marriage.
Evidence for this Miles:
Legal proceedings in 1726 involving Miles Mewburn of North Loftus state that his father and grandfather were each Miles.
The marriage at Ormesby, though only in the IGI as a member contribution, quotes a reference.
Two children's baptismal records do exist as IGI records. However they conflict with the will of Miles where it is clear that in 1693 he had three sons living with John as the eldest then Miles and then James. This conflicts particulalrly with the IGI record for John that shows a birth and death both in 1673 and must be wrong. An earlier John is recorded here though the date is just an approximation. 
MEWBORN, Miles (I2145)
183 Birth Date from 1901 census.

Joined the army on 04 June 1918. 
YOUNG, Benjamin Ewart (I214)
184 Birth Date from 1901 census.
In 1921 she and Thomas were next door to Blake who was farming. 
MEWBURN, Jessie Hamilton (I67)
185 Birth date from 1901 census. GUERIN, Sarah Emma (I2884)
186 Birth date from 1901 census. PECKHAM, Alfred Stroman (I2883)
187 Birth Date from 1901 census. YOUNG, Thomas C M (I216)
188 Birth Date from 1901 census. YOUNG, Edward Septimus Blake (I212)
189 Birth Date from 1901 census. YOUNG, James (I69)
190 Birth date from account book of grandfather, Francis, held at Archives, Ontario.
Probate granted in England on 06 Dec 1877 (26 years after death) at same time as sister Ann and just after father John.
The Gentleman's Magazine gives her death as 25 Jan. 1852., while probate gives it a month earlier. 
MEWBURN, Henrietta (I28)
191 Birth date from birth brief of Jean Elizabeth Rutter - SoG Birth Briefs, Vol 14, No 211. METCALFE, Mary (I1325)
192 Birth date from Dorothea Mewburn-Watson's History.
In 1851 Simon was learning the ways of trade as a 'warehouseman' at a lace warehouse on Watling Street, London.
Death from memorial at Lee St John, via 'Trudi' on Rootsweb. No trace of death record *as Mewburn or Newburn. 
MEWBURN, Simon Henry (I501)
193 Birth date from SoG Birth Briefs, Jane Elizabeth Rutter, Vol 14, No 211
Exact date of marriage from Guild of One-Name Studies marriage index. Married at Stainton St Peter & St Paul. 
MEABURN, Emily Anne (I1350)
194 Birth date given in account book of father Francis, held at Archives Ontario.
The Hull Packet 23 Oct 1810 has a marriage notice "Lately, at Sunderland, Mr. Thomas Appleton, of Eston, in Cleveland, to Miss E. Mewburn, daughter of Mr. Mewburn, surgeon, Whitby."
Possibly died and was buried at Whitby 26 Jan 1830, but have no confirmation that it relates to her.
No obvious sign of having had any children, and none recorded by her father. 
MEWBURN, Elizabeth (I116)
195 Birth date guesswork.
Given lands at Witton Gilbert, living 1635. 
MEABURN, Anthony (I814)
196 Birth date guesswork.
There is a marriage on 29 Jun 1628 at Chester Le Street to Elizabeth Browne that could be for this Thomas.
Of Witton Gilbert in 1630 and 1635 at children's baptisms.
Is this the Thomas of Butterby in the burial at Durham City in 1658 and who's will went to probate in 1658? Seems likely as a Thomas son of Anthony of Pontop (1568-1614) was due to inherit at Witton on the death of Anthony's son Anthony (and he died in 1637). 
MEABURN, Thomas (I640)
197 Birth date is extrapolated from marriage date. We assume he was the son of Thomas based on Thomas's will. MEABOURNE, Nicholas (I4258)
198 Birth date is July but day hard to read. GREENWOOD, Elizabeth (I2058)
199 Birth date is pure guesswork. MEEBURN, Elizabeth (I4764)
200 Birth date not known. Appears apparently as eldest son in Thomas's 1681 will.
In the 1666 Durham Hearth Tax returns appears as Phillip Mowbron with one hearth at Kelloe, Wingate in Easington ward.

Seems possible that at the time of his father's will in 1681 he had no children. 
MOWBURNE, Philip (I3911)

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