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1151 Two births at Houghton le Spring to David Halliday and Ann Newburn are probably her children but they suggest that several more went unrecorded during the preceding 16 years of the marriage. HALLIDAY, Susanna (I3135)
1152 Two daughters by Thomas Thornton. (Burke's Commoners)
Buried 28 Apr 1786. 
MEABURN, Mary (I633)
1153 Two possible births Dec 1847, Whitby and Dec 1846, Guisborough. MATTHEWS, Anna Elizabeth (I1341)
1154 Two Williams are buried at Billigham a month apart - cannot say which is for him, Jan or Feb. MEWBURN, William (I1790)
1155 Typescript by Mary Gordon, 2003. Source (S183)
1156 Unable to write - makes his mark on his will. MEWBURN, Armstrong (I748)
1157 Uncertain about her death. MEWBURN, Elizabeth (I908)
1158 Unmarried MEWBURN, Emily (I112)
1159 Unmarried.
No sign of the sisters, Elizabeth, Emily and Lucy in 1891. Holidaying abroad? 
MEWBURN, Elizabeth (I98)
1160 Unmarried. Member of Society of Arts. Prolific author of self-published ephemera. MEWBURN, Francis "Frank" (I99)
1161 Unverified death date from the McWatters Family Tree/Wilson on Ancestry. MEWBURN, Percy Francis (I203)
1162 VCH History of Northumberland - "Trinity College, Cambridge: ordered deacon 15 Oct 1786, and licensed to curacy of St Oswald and Bingfield: died at Acomb, and buried 21st Mar 1807 aged 45."
St John Lee has a plaque that reads:
To the esteemed memory of the
Revd. James Mewburn M.A. Cantab.
who ministered frequently in this church.
He was born 19 September 1762,
youngest son of Simon Mewburn Esq.
of Acomb House and of Mary his wife,
daughter of Henry Tulip Esquire.
He died 18 March 1907 
MEWBURN, Reverend James (I489)
1163 Very prosperous woolen manufacturer. JP, MP knighted. OLDROYD, Sir Mark (I594)
1164 Volume: ACC 2500A Source (S223)
1165 Volunteered for the Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force in January 1916.
Member of the 15th Light Horse Militia and served 3 years in the 13th Battalion, Hamilton.
Buried at Banff Town Cemetery, Alberta, Canada. 
MEWBURN, Thomas Chilton (I61)
1166 Volunteered on 24 Aug 1914. Had served time previously in the 4th Durham Light Infantry. Married. NEWBURN, William Richardson (I2021)
1167 Was he the father of three children at Houghton-le-Spring? MOWBORNE, Thomas (I3919)
1168 Was he the George baptised on the 2nd Feb 1756 at Yarm? No father; mother Honour Rutter so illegitimate. RUTTER, George (I3169)
1169 Was John a seaman? A 20-year old John Mewburn sailed on the Orient from London to NSW in 1884.
Otherwise he vanishes for 30 years.
He (shop assistant) was admitted to the St Pancras workhouse on 18 Dec 1913, when wife Nellie's address was given as St Marylebone Infy.He was discharged on 22 Apr 1914. 
MEWBURN, John (I1235)
1170 Was living with him at the time her son Thomas, of Tunstall in the parish of Stranton, made his will in 1813. CLAWSON, Dorothy (I2955)
1171 Was she the 'Mrs Aldred' who arrived at Melbourne in Jan 1862? Had George died about 1855? MEWBURN, Mary Ann (I1250)
1172 Was she the Lilian Maud Calver dau of James Calver and Louisa, born 1895 and christened 1900 at St Nicholas, Yarmouth, Norfolk? CALVER, Lillian Mabel (I1415)
1173 We cannot be certain but the marriage to Thomas Hood seems likely given place and date.
There is also no sign of any Hood children.
Of ten possible burials in Durham and Yorkshire, the best fit is that from 1878, where the age 22 is given (death in childbirth?). 
HOOD, Thomas (I4575)
1174 We cannot be certain of Christiana's origins and there are several baptisms in Yorkshire around the right time that could be for her. However there is only one in Stokesley, and at the marriage she is said to be of Stokelsey.
1805, just 4-5 months after the birth of the last child, makes the burial likely to be for her. There is no other Christiana burial before the 1815 second marriage of John. 
PEACOCK, Christiana (I1639)
1175 We know from wills that Margaret had a brother, William, and a sister, Isabel. Isabel is uncommon and the only family that has a combination of Isabel, William and Margaret is the family of William Yeilder and Isabel Jackson in Newcastle. These are gathered as parents, though there is no absolute uncertainty over them. YEILDER, Margaret (I989)
1176 We know of his existence because he appears in the elder Miles's will (not absolutely certain that he is the son of James or the younger Miles). Born before 1693 as he is mentioned in his grandfather's will.
His father went to Whitby but there is no trace of this James there so the burial at Ormesby may be for him, though even that is not certain. 
MEWBURN, James (I2914)
1177 Wedding solemnised at the Catholic Church, Paramatta26th July (Nepean Times (Penrith, NSW) Thu 31 Jul 1941, p. 5) MEWBURN, Norma Elizabeth (I3255)
1178 Wells House in Ilkley where Frances was in 1871 was noted for its hydropathic treatments (Darwin went there in 1859). MEWBURN, Frances Ann (I248)
1179 Went to shool at Trinity College School, Port Hope, Ontario. Member of championship first 14 in 1910.
Declaration of Attestation Feb 9 1916. Address 1238 19th Avenue West, Calgary, Alberta. Gave next of kin as mother Louise, and trade as mining engineer. Had already served 7mo with the McGill Regiment.
Had a trip to the UK in 1931 as a petroleum operator, on the Duchess of Richmaond. 
MEWBURN, Lieutenant Arthur Fenwick (I52)
1180 Went with Arthur on the 'Morea' to Marseilles in August 1926. Living then at Danbury House, Pilgrims Hatch. BUTLER, Florence (I2761)
1181 What happened to Harrison between 1852 and 1901?
Harrison made a trip to England in 1858 and with him was an 11 year old boy recorded as E.O.C. Mewburn 
MEWBURN, Harrison Chilton (I18)
1182 Where did the death come from
Believe that this is the Thos apprenticed to "Jn French 0f Newcastel/Tyne atty £100" in 1768. 
MEWBURN, Thomas (I486)
1183 Whether Eleanor is the daughter of this William is uncertain. There is a good chance that Mabel, William's wife, had died in 1683 but we have no sign of another marriage for William.
Eleanor could be the child of William, 1669, but he had not married by that time either. 
MEABOURNE, Eleanor (I4542)
1184 Who his mother was is uncertain. Could have been one of several of Tulip's daughters. He has been attached to Bridget merely to add him into the tree. MEWBURN, Joseph (I2552)
1185 Will dated 28 Jul 1760 (from Ontario) making daughter Elizabeth Mewburn principal heir with small bequest to daughters Mary and Jane. CLARKE, Francis (I1738)
1186 William and his family are known only from three wills - his own, one presumed to be for his wife (named similalry in his will) and a third from a presumed daughter also mentioned in the earlier wills.
Since some children are apparently under age (21) at the time of his will we can make a rough judgement about when the first one might have been born, and then come up with an approximation for William's own birth. 
MEWBURNE, William (I3698)
1187 William Coulson from Watson family tree on Ancestry COULSON, William (I179)
1188 William is known from the birth of his sons Thomas and John. There is no certainty that the 1630 burial is for him, but it is plausible. MEEBURN, William (I3905)
1189 William seems to have actively altered his name to Newburn - only 2 children are registered as Mewburn and they all use the Newburn spelling in later life. MEWBURN, William Richardson (I1502)
1190 William signed up for the AIF on the 19th November 1917, joining the Army Veterinary Corps in the Anzac Mounted Division. He was a farmer; gave father George as next of kin with George's address as Koonwarra, Leongatha, Gippsland, Victoria. The medical report described him as 5ft 10 1/2 inches tall; 140 pounds; blue eyes and black hair. CoE.
Private Mewburn was sent to Egypt, arriving at Suez on the Darwin on 7.6.18. He returned from Port Said aboard the Dorset on 29.4.19, having been invalided out. He had been promoted to Driver but reverted to Trooper, being apparently unfit to drive. He was discharged at Melbourne on 26.6.19, the reason being T.P.E (?).
On arrival back his address was 104 Moreland Road, Brunswick East. In November 1922 he applied for a grant under War Services Homes Act. Also arounf that date he recieved the Victory Medal, the British War medal and the 1914/15 Star. By this time he seems to have been working for the Tramway Board.
MEWBURN, William Carlyle (I1293)
1191 William was Curate at Gloxhall, Lincolnshire when he baptised Emma in 1842. He baptised Arthur and Edith on the same day in the parish of Tiverton of Withley Chapple, where they were living at West Bradley. TOMS, Reverend William (I2558)
1192 William's first marriage in 1790 describes him as being a 'gentleman' and 21, i.e. born in 1769. However that could mean 'over 21' and so an earlier birth. The only possible burial record we have from Stockton provides no specific identification but gives an age that equates to a birth in 1758. There is a birth of a William in that year at Stockton to a William and his wife from 1753, Mary Mason. MEWBURN, William (I1127)
1193 With Percy and Cora at Mewburn Rd., Welland in 1945 so guess a daughter MEWBURN, Jean (I2879)
1194 Worked as a goldminer for several years; then as a labourer in the area. MEWBURN, Alfred (I1263)
1195 Worked for Constable & Co., Edinburgh. AITKEN, John (I4464)
1196 Worsall, where George claims to have been born is close to Kirk Levington where a plausible baptism took place. RUTTER, George (I3152)
1197 WW1 medal cards show him having served in the Royal Field Artillery. Sergeant 36755. Address give as Mill Terrace, Carleton, Poulton-le-Fylde. Then Lieutenant and acting Captain. On 01 April 1919 he was Gazetted with the Military Cross. MEABURN, Matthew (I1370)
1198 Source (S246)
1199 Source (S336)
Marriages/Some Gretna Marriages 
Source (S349)

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