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1151 There is no certainty that it is this Ralph who had a daughter Ann and a wife Ann - but time and place for the daughter's batism are appropriate. MOWBURN, Ralph (I3936)
1152 There is no certainty that the burial is for this George - but he does not appear again in the records. MAABURN, George Wilks (I1209)
1153 There is no evidence that George's wife was a Barbara other than the death of a Barbara at Marton at an appropriate time. There is no other Barbara Mewburn in the Cleveland records around this period, which helps support the assumption. (), Barbara (I3722)
1154 There is no proof of Mary's birth. The Guisborough record is adequate in terms of location and date but no other records cross refer. CORNEY, Mary (I2834)
1155 There is no record for Ellen's birth. Her identity is dependent on her death record and her marriage.

Four of her children died in quick succession in 1886 - presumably some virulent infection. 
MEWBURN, Ellen (I3377)
1156 There is no record for the birth of Alexander. Parish records in Skye are available only from the 1820s.
The index record for his marriage in British Guiana says he was born in 1790 - though the accuracy of that cannot be assured. His parents are said to have married on 15 Jan 1793 (though there is no record for that) - see
He gives his age rounded down to 45 in the 1841 census, indicating a birth range of 1792-1796. About 1794 might seem a fairly likely date therefore given the dates for the other children and the reputed date of his parents marriage in 1793.

According toMax MacAlister, Alexander and Catherine had 11 children in total though what the sources are for that information have not been shared. He provided a list to Vaughan Duggan who has included them in his privately printed book In Search of the 'Lost' Shamrock. 2010. Glen Iris, Victoria: Vaughan Duggan. pp. 213-217.
Only six children are recorded in Australia. The others listed are:
Johanna Macalister (1822-1823), British Guiana
Janet Macalister (1824-?), British Guiana
Catherine Macalister (1826-?), British Guiana
Henrietta Macalister (1832-?), British Guiana
John Macalister (1841-?), Glasgow
The evidence for these is unknown. Australian evidence throws doubt, e.g. at Anne's death in1855 the newspapers describe her as the 'only' daughter.
MACALISTER, Dr Alexander (I1662)
1157 There is no trace of a birth registration for an Ellen at Darlington (as in the 1911 census) or anywhere else around 1880. The only Eleanor Botcherby birth is at Gateshead in 1872! BOTCHERBY, Ellen (I1368)
1158 There is no trace of his birth in the New Zealand birth index.

Gained an MBE in 1984. The London Gazette lists him as:
"Hugh Barre Mewburn Walker, JP. For services to the Auckland Waterside Worker's Union." 
WALKER, Hugh Barre Mewburn (I3993)
1159 There is picture of his memorial stone in the Hamilton Family burial grounds - DEE, Thomas W (I4024)
1160 There is some uncertainty over the marriage as there is also a 1763 marriage of an Ann Meaburn to Robert Railston.
The Burial of an Ann Clark on 07 Jan 1814 at Union Lane, aged 75, fits well with her. 
MEWBURN, Ann (I3849)
1161 There is yet more speculation at this point. Was the James who married Eliza Watson a son of Nicholas? The Hutton Rudby (two miles from Stokesly) birth is just to an Ann Mewburn with no father named and though the date seems appropriate it is a stretch to suggest Nicholas as the father. On the other hand no other Ann Mewburn is known at that time.
Guessing that the 1822 burial is for him. 
MEWBURN, James (I712)
1162 There was a baptism on 20 Jun 1813 at Bolton-le-Moors that might have been for him. Parents Thomas and Margaret. (Note. A papermaker of Tonge called Thomas Crook died in Aug 1860 leaving £5,000 at probate in 1861 - may be him).
The £2000 that John left was worth £165,800 in terms of historic standard of living or £1.4 million in terms of economic status.
John and Hannah lived on the curiously named Scope'oth Lane in Bolton.
Buried at St James Church, Breightmet. 
CROOK, John (I3776)
1163 There was a Coroner's Inquest into his death. Of Barwon Park Road, St Peters. Verdict accidentally drowned. MEWBURN, Charles Benjamin (I1296)
1164 There was a Coroners Inquest into his death. Verdict is interestingly phrased:
"Felo-de-se by cutting his throat" - an act of deliberate self-destruction. 
GORHAM, James (I4072)
1165 There were Janes born in Sunderland in 1770 and 1771. One married George Johnson in 1799 and the other Richard Dobson in 1815 but cannot say which is which. MEWBURN, Jane (I3882)
1166 There were two Janes born at Billingham in 1705 and 1708 to different fathers. Either could be her. NEVELSON, Jane (I4606)
1167 These Billingham Mewburns had come from Eston, so getting married back in Eston is no surprise. MEWBURN, Elizabeth (I1788)
1168 They appeared first in the voters list farming at Westview in 1949. In 1953 Shirley and Victor were in the voters list for Coast-Capilano, BC living at Grief Point where Victor was a farmer. By 1957 they were at Westview. In 1963 they were at 3291 Malaspina Avenue. Two years later they were still there but Victor was now a fisherman. By 1968 they had moved to 6889 Kamloops Street and Samuel Joseph Courte appeared with them, a millworker. Still all there in 1972, though Samuel was now unemployed; Victor and Shirley were there too in 1974 and Victor was retired. MEWBURN, Shirley Carter (I210)
1169 They are belived to have had three children. MEWBURN, Andrew Laidley (I3452)
1170 Think the burial is likely to be for him rather than his father. MEBERN, Samuel (I4198)
1171 This appears to be the John of Crabtree Hall, Stokesley who appears in the will of William 1762-1806 of Yarm. MEWBURN, John (I2643)
1172 This being a rare name there is a fair chance that Ann is the one baptised 09 Jul 1760 to Henry Parsonson and Elizabeth at Long Melford, Suffolk. A Henry is a witness at Ann's wedding. Sarah, the other witness could be her younger sister b. 1764 at Long Melford.
Likewise the burial seems likely to be for her, especially being non-conformist, as the age matches exactly. She was not mentioned in John's will so presumably died before 1830.
Buried as Mary Ann. 
PARSONSON, Ann (I2029)
1173 This Christian may have died and been replaced soon after by a second naming for which we have no baptism. There is a burial at Christchurch on 02 Dec 1714 for a Christian Meaburn. MEABURN, Christian (I4548)
1174 This is a London line, though how and just when they got there is unclear. It contains three generations of silversmiths, all members of the Goldsmiths Company or Freemen of the City of London. John Mewburn and his son Barak are the two most notable. Their work still appears regularly at auction. MEWBURN, Silversmith (I466)
1175 This is believed to be the William Meabourn who appears in the 1666 Hearth Tax for Durham living at West Auckland and with one hearth (implyimg he was fairly poor).

There is evidence for several of these Meaburns at Auckland leaving the area. It is a leap, but the present hypothesis is that William married Ellenor Boyles in 1673 at Auckland, had three children there then moved to Bishopton around 1780.
Burial assumed to be for this William (rather than Will 1706) because it does not describe him as "son of" which would have been typical of young deaths in that parish.
There is a burial in 1728 for an Ellin Meaburn, widow, so assume this is Ellener Boyles. 
MEBURNE, William (I4262)
1176 This is belived to be the John Mewburn who had 7 children at Stokesley That assumption is being made on the basis of two wills. One is by William Mewburn that went probate in 1806 who appointed John Mewburn of Crabtree Hall, Stokesley as an executor, along with John Plews, William's brother-in-law. He specifically does not say that John is a brother (he had no such brother) though that would be expected if he had been.

This John would be a nephew to William but cannot be the one mentioned in the wil as he is belived to have died in 1775 (A burial at Stokesley in 1817 of an 84-year old Ann (c1733) might conceivably have been his wife.)

However, this John's son John 1761 is a candidate. He in turn made a will in 1822 in which he names a nephew William of Kirby Fleetham. That William is the son of William of the 1806 will.

Note that the burial of 1775 has been arbitrarily assigned to this John.

If John married Ann Thompson at Great Ayton in 1756 then at that time he was listed as a man-servant.
MEEBURN, John (I3607)
1177 This is highly speculative. The only evidence for Jerret's wife is the burial of a widow at Hart just a few years after his death. (), poss Agnes (I4829)
1178 This is the earliest Meaburn family line, of fragmented genealogy and early extinction.
They were a family of Roman Catholic recusants who lived at Pontop Hall, near Lanchester. The Hall is today a large Grade 2* farmhouse notable for once having had a Roman Catholic chapel hidden in its attic. Baptismal and marriage records from the chapel survive and can be found on FamilySearch.
The Pontop Meaburns seem to be closely related to other Meaburns in the Lanchester area with lands at Witton Gilbert.

Pontop itself passed into the hands of the Swinburne family.

There is no discernable link between these Meaburns and the later lines of folk who chose to spell their name that way. 
MEABURN, Pontop (I462)
1179 This is the George who bought a hotel in Kalgoorlie. He can be found in the electoral rolls for Kalgoorlie in 1931 listed as the hotel keeper for the Shamrock Hotel and in 1936 as the proprietor of the Grand Hotel. In 1937 he had the National Hotel in Fremantle and by 1943 was the hotel manager at the Railway Hotel in Arnmadale.

He and Mary went on a trip to California on the 2nd May 1934 aboard the Monterey, and there he described himself as a hotel keeper. From there they went on to the UK leaving from Quebec and arriving at Southampton on the Empress of Britain on the 22 Jun 1934. 
MEWBURN, George Robert (I1288)
1180 This is Thomas of Monkend near Croft and of Blackwell. His birth year is calculated from his age as given on his memorial.
Marriage details from the Joiner Marriage Index.
Note that there are two records for the marriage. The second at Hinderwell is close to Lythe where Abigail was born.
This line seems to be the one refered to by Longstaffe in his History and Antiquities of the Parish of Darlington in the Bishoprick as 'the Cleveland race'
It seems likely that Thomas lived first at Ormesby, where there is a birth for a James (1712), then later at Brompton by Northallerton where Thomas (1717) and John (1729) were born.
Son Thomas went off to Peterborough (Stanground, Chesterton, Willow Hall and Whittelsey) in the 1750s. Son John was an attorney at Darlington.
MEWBURN, Thomas (I731)
1181 This John has been used as a placeholder for several births. However, in reality they may each have had a different John as father.

The only additional information we have is that one of the Johns, father of Mary 1722, was a sailor. 
1182 This John is little known - the marriage is the only possible record for him. We do know is that the are five births at Hart between 1599 and 1612 to a John, and with the marriage in 1597 we project a birth in 1572 for him. He is unlikely to be Jerret's son John of 1584 - since he would have been just 15 when the first child was born. MEBORNE, John (I4207)
1183 This Johns origins are unclear. There is no baptism for him at Ormesby (or anywhere else).

The reasons for creating this John are first that in 1661 there are two baptisms close together for a Margaret and a John both with a John as father, but the first is qualified as John sen. The John born 1611, son of the Ormesby patriarch, John, is taken to be the senior.

The 1653 marriage to an Averill leads to a bunch of births. It is unlikely to be a second marriage for John 1611 as we have no appropriately timed burial for an Elizabeth and in fact have a burial for an Elizabeth wife of John in 1680 which is taken to be more likely for Elizabeth Richardsone.

Cannot be certain that the burial in 1674 is for this John. 
MEWBORN, John (I3470)
1184 This line is an Australian immigrant one originating with a Thomas of uncertain origin and Mary Ann Buck. Thomas is said to be from Darlington, though no record has been found for his baptism. Thomas worked as a linen weaver at Hurwurth a little south of Darlington where all but one of his children was born. He finally moved to Bolton, Lancashire (where his wife was from).

Their surving children seem to have made their way to Australia in the 1850s and the majority of present-day Australian Mewburns are descended from them. 
MEWBURN, Hurworth Australia (I1240)
1185 This may be John George Beckwith born Q3 1872 at Sunderland (mother Hogg). BECKWITH, John (I4886)
1186 This may be the Arthur Elliot Walker Mewburn or Radcliffe who died 19 Jan 1958 at Westcliffe, Essex with probate 03 March 1959. RADCLIFFE, Arthur (I2776)
1187 This may be the John of Thornton, Stainton and Stainsbury who appears in the 1673 Hearth Tax.
A marriage to Mary Armestronge on 14 Nov 1658 at Yarm (just 4 miles from Stainton) could well be for him.
MEWBORN, John (I1857)
1188 This may be the Thomas of Ormesby who appears in the 1673 Hearth Tax. MEWBURNE, Thomas (I3512)
1189 This person may not have existed. He is not identified at the birth of William (clearly an illegitimate birth) but is given by William at the time of his marriage, and is said then to have been a mechanic. Suspect he may be an invention to add an air of respectatablity at the time of marriage. (), Thomas (I4178)
1190 This seems likely to be the George of Marton who appears in the 1673 Hearth Tax. MEWBURNE, George (I3506)
1191 This starts with a family by George Meborne and is continued by a family of several generations descended from a John Meeburne. The timing is such that John could have been a child of George, though we have no record for George's baptism. MEBURN, Newcastle (I4480)
1192 This Thomas must be the one who was apprenticed as an attorney at Newcastle in 1768. There is no other candidate of the right age.
The date for Thomas's marriage is given by Dorothea Mewburn-Watson, with no citation - nor record has been found.
Thomas's precise death date is from Dorothea Mewburn-Watson.
There are monumental inscriptions in the chancel of St John Baptist at Stanground that say:
"--- Mewburn, d. 1789, and -- his daughter, d. 1788; Thomas William Mewburn, d. 1795, and Mary Ann his daughter, d 1794".
The first two with names missing are believed to be John and Ann children of Thomas (1717).
The Land Tax Redemption of 1798 shows a Thomas Mewburn occupying land at Standground owned by Lord Brownlow. He is assessed at £57 14/-, vastly more than than anyone else in the area (mostly assessed at a few shillings or pounds).

The Monthly Magazine, Vol 31, 1811 notes that Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr. Thomas Mewburn of Boroughbury was married to Daniel Webster. 
MEWBURN, Thomas (I843)
1193 This tree continues to be highly speculative. Whether the Nicholas who marries Anne is the 1704 Nicholas is uncertain - only the fact of being in Stokesley at the right time links them.
Again the childrens' birth records do not name the mother.
Stokesley Parish Register records that on 03 Feb 1744/5 Nicholas Mewburn of Stokesley, weaver, was excommunicated for refusing to pay his Easter offering to the minister.
There is a death at Stokesley that is assumed to be him (another in 1787 is assumed to be his son). 
MEWBURN, Nicholas (I704)
1194 Thomas and Catherine's lives seem Yarm-based except for the birth of their first child Thomas at Easington. Is it coincidence that Easington is where Armstrong Mewburn was living at the time (quite a different family line).
Have assumed that this Thomas married Sarah and not his father. 
MEABORNE, Thomas (I3818)
1195 Thomas and Jane were illiterate and made their marks at the time of marriage.
Thomas emigrated with sons John and James, arriving at Victoria on the Tasmania in Oct 1853. That was still in the relatively early days of the Ballarat gold rush era. Wife Jane arrived on the Shalimar with 7 other children on Feb 1855.
He established a brick-making works at Ballarat, apparently around 1854 and his business became one of the largest in the area at a time when Ballarat was being developed as a planned town with major handsome buildings.
Death cert names all children in order and with ages. 
MEWBURN, Thomas (I1243)
1196 Thomas could be the son of John Mewburn and Jane Porter at Plawsworth, or of Robert Meaburne who married Anne Rutter in 1635 at Houghton. MEABURNE, Thomas (I4558)
1197 Thomas left hsi Danby estate to his half cousin Francis Mewburn, the apothecary surgeon of Durham. BOWYER, Thomas (I4377)
1198 Thomas switched masters during his Articles of Clerkship on 20 Sep 1839 from Thomas Atkinson to Evan Morris of Harcourt Buildings Temple. Articles were completed 25 Oct 1841.
Thomas was declared bankrupt in 1845. 
MEWBURN, Thomas Marishall (I1159)
1199 Thomas's death is recorded at Acomb, but not his birth which might have been any time between 1736 and 1752. MEWBURN, Thomas (I522)
1200 Thomas's father is believed to be the Thomas who died at Butterby in 1658. However this Thomas is not mentioned in the will so is assumed to have died before 1658. MOWBORNE, Thomas (I648)

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