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101 Appears in Consett tree on p564 of Ord's History of Cleveland. PENNYMAN, Elizabeth (I1778)
102 Appears in grandmother's 1784 will. DALE, Thomas (I2921)
103 Appears in the 1851 census as an 8-month old, ie born about August 1850. There are no Newcastle births that year so a birth registered in Q3 at Cockermouth is possible - suggesting that Jane went to her mother's place for the birth.
Have assumed the 1852 death is for her. 
ELLIOTT, Elizabeth Ann (I922)
104 Appears in the 1916 Electoral Roll at 172 Mandurah Road, South Fremantle.
Can be reasonably sure of the children. Theirs are the only births at Fremantle between 1911 and 1923 and all are signatories to the memorial notice to their mother in the West Australian, 1947. 
MEWBURN, Ruth (I2187)
105 Appears in the 1964 electoral roll for Kensington South at 10d Gledhow Gardens with wife and daughter.
In the Navy list from 1933 to 1948. WPassed out as a midshipman on 01 May 1932. Lt. Commander in the Navy 16 Feb 1945, passed for Gunnery Officer and gained the Commander Egerton Prize for best results in the practical gunnery exams.
Gained his Royal Aero Club Aviators Certificate on 24 Nov 1948 at Gosport (living at 3 Canada House, The Arck, Southsea, Hants) 
DOUGLAS, Ewen Walter. (I309)
106 Appears in the electoral roll for 1924 with Robert, farmer, at Leongatha, Gippsland West. MEWBURN, Alberta May (I1292)
107 Appears in the Electoral Roll of 1901 at 162 Kingsland Road, in the Haggerston ward of Hackney; and earlier in 1897 - but is recorded as Newburn. MEWBURN, Maria Turpin (I1233)
108 Appears in the History of Piatt County, Illinois by Emma C. Piatt (1883) -'details'historyfpiatt00piat
Mr J. Bohn (Monticello), druggist, is a native of Germany, and came to America in 1847. In 1860 he came to Illinois and in 1867 located in Monticello. He studied chemistry at the Illinois State University and attended a course of medical lectures at Keokuk, Iowa. He went into partnership in drugs with Mr Van Gundy in 1878, and still remains with him. Mr Bohn was lately elected a member of the school board, and already shows himself a proficient worker for the interest of the city schools.

Listed as a student in chemistry 1873-74 at Illinois U. 
BOHN, Jacob (I87)
109 Appears in the Roll of Upper Canada College for 1839. Dickson, G. and Adam, G.M. (1839) A History of Upper Canada College, 1829-1892. Toronto: Rowsell & Hutchison. p. 298.

Canadian Civil Servants List:
1883 - Inspector; $2000
1885 - Inspector; $2000
1886 - Inspector; $2000
1889 - Inspector; $2000
1890 - Inspector; $2000
1891 - Inspector; $2000 
MEWBURN, Thomas Chilton (I27)
110 Appears in the voters rolls until 1949 - lastly described as a 'gentleman' (presumably retired). MEWBURN, Chilton (I194)
111 Appears in the will of Elizabeth Mewburn, September 1790 and in that of her father.
Burial at East Cowton, might just be for her. 
MEWBURN, Mary Elizabeth (I841)
112 Appears with his mother in the 1861 census at Newcastle as a 50-year old army pensioner. BRICE, John (I4311)
113 Appears wrongly in the Consett tree in Ord's History of Cleveland, p564, as being the daughter of Matthew Consett and Joanna Pennyman when in fact she is the daughter of Matthew's brother, the Reverend William Consett. CONSETT, Joanna (I1776)
114 Appointed as a circuit judge in 1980. His Honour Judge AM Troup, living at Tunbridge Wells in the 1982 phone book. TROUP, Alistair Mewburn (I960)
115 Apprenticed as a cutler 13 Oct 1711 through Charity School funds (implying parents were more or less paupers).
No hard evidence, other than coincidence with will, to say that the burial is for him. 
MEWBURNE, William (I1200)
116 Apprenticed as a gunmaker 13 Feb 1723 through Charity School funds (implying parents were more or less paupers or his father had died).
Appears in the Land Tax records, 1739, paying £1 at Water Lane, Farringdon Without, City of London.
A John Mibourn was at Greendragon Court, Farringdon Without, in 1715
Probably this is the John mentioned in the will of William in 1740 as being the person William is lodging with. 
MEWBURN, John (I1201)
117 Apprenticed to Josh Agar, currier, York 31 Oct 1803.
Sheriff of York 1827, Lord Mayor 1836,1848, 1850.
Living at Middlethorpe Lodge, Acomb near York in the 1857 Post Office Directory. 
MEEK, James (I2158)
118 Apprenticed to William Goodrick, cabinetmaker at Durham, with a premium of £12.

The burial seems likely to be for him, though not proved - long gap between will and probate! 
MEWBURN, John (I107)
119 Archives of Ontario, Toronto Source (S29)
120 Arrived at Liverpool 05 May 1935 on the Andania as a student to stay at 27 Well Walk, Hampstead. Departed 27 July and got to Quebec on 04 August 1935 on board Letitia.
Married and living at 25 Farm Street W1 in 1939 (Ian was at 4 Portsea Mews in 1938).
Lived at Tanner's Farm, Horley, Surrey from at least 1946 (telephone book). 
MEWBURN, Margaret "Margot" Gray (I334)
121 Articled as solicitor at Clifford's Inn 29 Oct 1816. ANGELL, Francis William (I3586)
122 Articled at solicitors Fowler & Perks. MEWBURN, William Guy (I550)
123 As a young man John James was a seaman. He shipped on the Rubicon to Sydney as 3rd officer on 12 July 1832.

In 1844 he was living on Macquarrie Street, Hobart and took on a recently arrived convict, Eliza Rutkins from the Garland Grove, for private service. In 1845 he was appointed as a magistrate.

The Victoria Police Gazette for January 10 1856, p.18 describes a warrant for the arrest of Frederick Clay, late clerk in the Union Bank, for forging a cheque for £500. Last seen on the mail from Melbourne to the Ovens with JJ Meaburn.

An article in the Argus of Melbourne on 27 Jun 1876 makes a strong case for John James, under the influence of Frederick Clay, as being a swerial fraudster.

Went to Tasmania then to California via Tahiti.
Listed as a salesman at Treadwell & Co in Sacramento in 1866.
Registered as a voter in San Francisco from 1868 to 1875.
Listed as a bookkeeper 1871 and 1872.
A Mrs John J is listed as a widow in 1881
There is an entry in the San Francisco Directory for 1914 that has "Meaburn, Augusta (wid John J) - a second wife.
Newspaper evidence shown on indicates that he was at least a scoundrel and maybe a con-man, certainly involved in highly suspect banking ventures. 
MEABURN, John James (I1621)
124 As Captain & Brevet Major in the 11th Stationery Hospital, CAMC he was awarded the Colonial Auxiliary Forces Long Service Medal, and the VD
Director of orthpaedic surgery U of Alberta. Retired 1948.
Awarded OBE. 
MEWBURN, Col Dr Frank Hastings Hamilton "Hank" (I50)
125 Assume that Hilda is her child - there is no other known Margaret Jane at that time. MEWBURN, Margaret Jane (I902)
126 Assume the burial is for her. MEWBORN, Averill (I1801)
127 Assumed that her father is the John sen given in the register.
Assumed too that the burial is for her - no other suitable Margaret daughter of George known in Ormesby. 
MEWBURNE, Margaret (I3826)
128 Assumed to be the daughter of this Thomas in the absence of any other candidate. MEWBURNE, Averill (I3821)
129 Assuming that the burial is for this Dorothy. (), Dorothy (I3825)
130 Assuming the burial is for her - not guaranteed. HARRISON, Christina Ann (I1809)
131 Assuming the burial is for her - she being the only Mary known to have married a Meaburn in this period. WRET, Mary (I2798)
132 Assuming the burial is for her, though there is no proof, and have extrapolated the birth year from it, so much speculation. WILKINSON, Elizabeth (I1128)
133 Assuming the burial is for him - no other good fit. MEWBURN, Thomas (I1582)
134 Assuming the burial is for him since age is right and because the family had moved to Stainton in Cleveland by that time. MEABURN, John (I2587)
135 Assuming the death is for him - the age is right as is the place, and his wife is listed as a widow in 1891. An entry in the National Probate Calander for 1889 is certainly for him. WALKER, Thomas (I128)
136 Assuming the Northallerton death is her as that would be the registration district for West Rounton. HARRISON, Mary (I1515)
137 At baptism he was at Busby, a little south of Stokesley.
The Stainton burial also says his father is of Busby - so why the burial was at Stainton is a mystery. 
MEWBURN, William (I1633)
138 At Birth he appears to be George Lewis while later, eg at funeral is George William (youngest son). Did George Lewis die in infancy and G W follow soon after?
The Daily News, Perth for 28 Aug 1918 has a lenghty account of the funeral mentioning many family and in-laws.
Died of pneumonic influenza. 
MEWBURN, George William Lewis (I2186)
139 At marriage he gave his name as Henry Kenneth McGregor Young! YOUNG, Henry "Harry" Sidney (I221)
140 At marriage said to be 21 years of age (i.e. could be older). However father died in 1775 so her birth will be no later than 1776.
She is said to be a descendant of Pocahontas! also
These published trees vary greatly and are not to be wholly trusted.
RANDOLPH, Sarah (I1781)
141 At marriage she is recorded as Elizabeth but in children's baptisms and at her burial she is always known as Eleanor.
No record of baptism has been found for either Elizabeth or Eleanor at Hart.
The burial of Joseph's son Surtees provides evidence that the marriage is for the couple that founded this family.
SURTEES, Eleanor Elizabeth (I3864)
142 At the time of her marriage she was recorded as Mewburn along with three witnessing siblings. MEABURN, Elizabeth (I3755)
143 At the time of his birth his father was going under the name of Barber.
Alumnus of St John's College, Cambridge University, entered 10 Oct 1883.
Freedom of the City of London in the Company of Musicians, 1912.
May have been adopted by John Mewburn and his wife Mary Levien - to whom he was a nephew. They certainly took him in and looked after him but in 1871 and 1891 censuses is only described as a nephew.
Professor of singing at Guildhall and at Trinity College.
Author of books and many articles of musical criticism.
John Joseph was a member of the Savage Club then at Adelphi Terrace in London. This was a club for those in the arts. Copies of the lists of members for 1926 and 1931 at the Henry Moore Institute in Leeds show him as a member from 1901. 
LEVIEN, John Joseph Mewburn (I2695)
144 At Zacharia's burial she is named as Susannah! ROBINSON, Anne (I1595)
145 Attribution of the burial is highly speculative, largely based on the age at death (and not many Gordon burials in the north east) MEEBURN, Elizabeth (I3606)
146 Available online: Source (S59)
147 Banns in 1781 for Thomas and Ann Whithead, may for Sarah's parents. CRUNKHORN, Thomas (I5314)
148 Banns were read also at Brompton by Northallerton as well as Marton.

Not certain the burial is for him but the age at death matches his birth. Kelfield in the Stillingfield area is just south of York. 
MEEK, Alderman James (I1794)
149 Baptised at Paradise-Independent, Milton next Sittingbourne - presumably non-conformist. SHOTTER, Bell (I2724)
150 Baptised at the same time as mother buried. MEWBURNE, Mary (I3516)

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