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1  CATLIN, Dorcas (I2969)
2  MEABURN, Cyril Vernon SMERTHWAITE (I2434)
3  HOLMES, George Mewburn (I2118)
Captain Chilton of the Honorable East India Company Service.
Appears in the 1807 Electoral Register as a shipowner at Whitby Strand. [before Thomas also a shipowner]
Listed in 1834 at Hinderwell with a freehold house and land at Ruswarp, Whitby tenanted by Thomas Dobson (who also owns a tenanted house). Also appears at Ruswarp with a frrehold house and land at Union Place tenanted by H. Goodwill
Listed in Baine's Directory for 1882 as a shipowner of Union Place. 
CHILTON, Harrison (I12)
5 "John Meaburn of Billington, of independent fortune"
John's will (TNA: 1775/M6/1) identifies his children - Mary, Martha and Elizabeth - his wife Martha and brother-in-law Matthew Appleton, yeoman of Coopon, Durham.
Exact date of marriage given in Diary of Wm Mewburn of Eston. 
MEWBURN, John (I1789)
6 "noticeable for her good looks and great height" according to Dorothea Mewburn-Watson. Died unmarried. MEWBURN, Isabella (I1768)
7 "whose relations lived in Newcastle" (DM) DAVISON, Elisabeth (I490)
8 1650 burial seems likely to be for her - though coukld be for Margaret Rookby, Henry's wife. MEEBURNE, Margaret (I4500)
9 1660 burial seems most likely for this John. MEEBURNE, John (I4497)
10 1820-1828 member of the Legislative Assembly of Upper Canada. 1823 Lieut Col. 2nd Lincoln Militia.
The SC Mewburn fonds at Archives of Ontario contains a 1811 land grant to him of 1200 acres in Walsingham. 
HAMILTON, Hon. Robert (I445)
11 1841 census may be her, but not certain. MEWBURN, Mary Parsonson (I1511)
12 1844 marriage was living at Welland Hill Farm, Port Dalhousie, when he married Emily Sutton.
Harrison died at Danby Cottage, in Stamford. 
MEWBURN, Harrison Chilton (I18)
13 1881 census seems to say she was born in Leith.
Catherine appears in the Antwerp Police Immigration Index at some time between 1886-1900. What she was doing there is unknown.
Since she lived apparently till 1927, Ernest's marriages in Australia may have been bigamous.
The 1911 census for 'Kate' seems likely to be for her despite age and birth errors. 
KIDD, Catharine (I1679)
14 1901 census gives birth date as 30th, but the original birth registration may be more reliable.

Became a naturalised US citizen on 03 May 1940 - living in Los Angeles, having moved to the USA in 1923.

The date given for her death is actually a US Social Security Life Claim. 
YOUNG, Jessie Gladys (I215)
15 1919 is accepted among the family as John's death though the Deaths Index calls him James Newburn! MEWBURN, John (I3231)
16 1939 register gives birth as 12th Aug.
Served in France during WW1 in the Yorkshire Regiment. Private 13060 and 30025. Gained Victory, British and 1915 Star medals. 
MEABURN, John George (I1463)
17 20 Aug 1770 apprenticed to John Reed, Newcastle, Mercer. Presumably wife Catharine Reed was John's daughter (1778 was just after the apprenticeship would have ended).
1781, Bailey's Northern Directory - woollen draper, textiles, Groat Market, Newcastle. Same in 1778 in Whitehead's Newcastle Directory.
1795, Newcastle and Gateshead Directory at Side, Newcastle, brandy merchant food/drinks
1798 Land Tax Redemption occupying property of Wm Yeilder (Tulip's half-uncle William the tanner married a Yielder) at St Johns, Newcastle assessed at 7/6d
1798 subscribed to a treatise on spherical geometry.
Appears in various Newcastle directories between 1776-1800, at Groat Market, Newcastle.
London Gazette, 29 Aug 1797, notice of bankruptcy against Tulip, spirit merchant; 07 Nov 1797 notice of conformity; 03 Nov 1801 notice that a final dividend will be made on 03 Dec.
No children from first marriage. Married again in 1813 at 58 and had nine children up to 1833.
Buried 19 Jan 1834, age 78, at St Mary Magdalene, Hayton, Cumberland (NBI). Newspapers mention small well-kept farm to rent in Feb 1834 at Fenton, 5 miles SE of Carlisle, previously occupied by Tulip. 
MEWBURN, Tulip (I485)
18 28 May 1941. The Mercury, Hobart. MEABURN. -On May 25, 1941, at Raffa Private Hospital, Oatlands, to Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Meaburn, Andover : a daughter.

18 Jan 1938. The Mercury, Hobart. MEABURN. - At Raffah Private Hospital, Oatlands, on January 13, 1938, to the wife of L. J. Meaburn, Andover: a son.
26 May 1936. The Mercury, Hobart. MEABURN. - On May 24, at the Queen Alexandra Hospital, Hobart, to Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Meaburn, Andover: a daughter.
17 Aug 1943. The Mercury, Hobart. MEABURN.-At Raffah Private Hospital, Oatlands, to Thelma, wife of L. J. Meaburn, Andover: a son".
26 Aug 1939. The Mercury, Hobart. MEABURN. - On August 24, 1939, at private hospital, Hobart, Tony Glen, infant son of Thelma and Lachlan Meaburn, of Lowick, Andover. Interred privately. 
MEABURN, Lachlan James (I3033)
19 29 October 1835 apprenticed aboard the Henry bound for Cape of Good Hope.
19 Apr 1849 Gazetted as gaining a Masters second class certificate, No. 328761, from Trinity House afte serving as mate on the Seringapatan.
08 Mar 1851, London. Grant of Certificate of Competency as Master. Certificate No 1555.
Listed in the 1856 Post Office Official Diretory for London as 'City Officer'.
Appears in the Poll Book for 1858 living at Ballast Quay, Greenwich.
In the 1860 Mercantile Navy list with Cert No. 1555. 
MEABURN, James (I1623)
20 2nd daughter. MEWBURN, Elizabeth (I1136)
21 2nd Lt in the Royal Flying Corps. At that time attached to 16th Squadron and 5th Battalion Camerionians (Scottish Rifles). TROUP, John Guthrie (I3785)
22 30 May burial from Charles Wood! MEWBURN, Jane (I714)
23 5/- in father's will.
Guessing that the two births at St Cuthberts, Darlington may be for Margaret - unconfirmed. 
MEWBURN, Margaret (I175)
24 8 children MEWBURN, Eliza Dyer "Lillie" (I555)
25 A 1753 death could be for her, though that has been attributed to Aliss Davison. MEABURN, Alice (I2796)
26 A baptism 18 Aug 1810 at South Kilvington (next to Sowerby), Yorks. to Thomas Palliser and Sarah may be for her.
Death date given by Arthur Kennedy; death at Stainton in Cleveland. 
PALLISER, Ann (I1311)
27 A baptism 20 Jul 1718 at Chester-le-Street, father William, might be her but there are several other candidates. FENWICK, Margaret (I534)
28 A baptism on 31st January 1685 at St Saviour, York is the most likely one for her from among the records. BRAND, Mary (I4294)
29 A beneficiary from the will of Nicholas Mewburn in 1703 - "a Coate and ten shillings."
Have speculated that the Stokesly burial is for him. His brother Nicholas and sister Isabel both definitiely moved to Stokesley and it is even possible that his father died there too. 
MEWBURNE, John (I4282)
30 A beneficiary from the will of Nicholas Mewburn in 1703. COLLIN, Margerett (I4278)
31 A beneficiary from the will of Nicholas Mewburn in 1703. COLLING, James (I3710)
32 A beneficiary from the will of Nicholas Mewburn in 1703. MEWBURNE, Isabell (I3541)
33 A beneficiary in the will of 1813/1814 of Thomas Mewburn 1778 of Stranton. FLETCHER, John (I2951)
34 A burial 28 Oct 1738 at St Pancras Old Church might be her? Buried in the same place as a William, and prior to him (matches comment in William's wiil that she was dead by 1840). (), Mary (I2026)
35 A burial at Yarm in 1802 could possibly be for her. Other burials in Soth Sheilds and Newcastle seem unlikely. MEWBURN, Jane (I1637)
36 A burial in 1705 could be for him. MEBOURN, Richard (I4495)
37 A burial on 01 Dec 1745 could be for her. MEABURN, Ann (I2812)
38 A Clan MacFarlane website has a good deal of information about Catherine though the sources quoted are only Ancestry family trees, so of uncertain reliability. The site is at:

Notes on the site are:
Born 1797, died 1872, age 75. Mothers maiden name Johanna Feuilleteau De-Bruyn 1771 to 3/2/1838 (67 yrs), married 17/6/1796, age 25, Thomas Mewburn, member of the Scottish Assemby Church, age 28 (born approx 1768, died 15/4/1839, age 71 yrs) of Plantation Cumings Lodge, Demerara, Brit Guyana. They had 2 children: 1. Anne 1799-1861, and 2. Catherine Elizabeth 1797-1872. On Catherine's death certificate here in Australia in 1872, her maiden name is mis-spelt as De-Berg and De-Brugh, which makes things difficult, but is typical of mis-spellings in those days. After she married surgeon Alexander MacAlister on the 7/5/1819 they had a family of 11, 8 born in Demerara, and the last three born back in Glasgow, Scotland in 1839, 40 and 41, so sometime in the late mid to late 1830s the MacAlisters returned to Scotland. This would be because: 1. old Alexander MacAlister Esq of "Strathaird", Isle of Skye died in 1832 so surgeon Alexander being the eldest male child of Janette, old Alexander's surviving daughter and only child left of his 1st marriage, he presumed he would be next in line to inherit "Strathaird" as the estate was entailed and could only pass to the next senior male heir of the body. 2. Evidently there were sugar cane plantation riots in Demerara the mid 1830s and the family may have packed up and left because of that trouble.
Then sometime in the mid 1850s most of the family came out to Sydney, Australia. A confusing entry on Catherine Mewburn's certificate states that she spent 19 years in Vic, which coincide with the disappearance of surgeon Alexander off the NSW Medical Register in 1862/63 resulting in Catherine Mewburn coming to Victoria to live with her son Dr Alexander at Garnett Cottage, Bairnsdale. 
MEWBURN, Catherine Elizabeth (I1661)
39 A convict transportee.
Details for her transportation on the Elizabeth in 1836 appear on 
CRUNKHORN, Sarah (I4945)
40 A Coroner's Inquest was held into her death. It said "Tetanus originating in a wound accidentally received through falling to the grass [...] while playing MEWBURN, Pamel Ethel (I3348)
41 A death Oct 1887 at Barton Regis, Glos. might just be for him. WHATLEY, George (I2046)
42 A distinguished economist. BONAR, James (I133)
43 A family tree for the Meaburns of Pontop is given in:
Surtees, Robert (1820) 'Parish of Lanchester', The History and Antiquities of the County Palatine of Durham: vol. 2: Chester Ward, pp. 302-360. Available online

Much of this is poorly documented and depends on wills rather than BMD records for the reconstruction of the family. 
MEBURNE, John (I802)
44 A great deal of information on him and his family is on the website
An addition seems to show that in 1877 he was sentenced to 6 months hard labour for embezzling £1 16s from his employers the Main Line Railway Company! 
MEABURN, Staniland George (I2829)
45 A Hannah Moore was baptised at Birkby on the 22nd July 1795 to John Moore and Elizabeth. Could that be her? (), Hannah (I3165)
46 A highly speculative link has placed this Christopher as having moved to London. It is possible that a cousin, Nicholas (c1675) also went there. A grandson of Cuthbert, Christopher's brother, also re-settled in London later (possibly encouraged by existing family links?).

The beginnings of this line are highly speculative. They depend on the fact that a Christopher Mewburne's son was apprenticed as a cutler in London in 1711. There is therefore a slight possibility that this craft (and maybe Guild membership) was passed on and that later London Mewburns shifted slightly into silversmithing.

Where Christopher came from is unknown. A Christopher Meaburn was baptised at Welbury, Yorkshire on 02 Nov 1672 to another Christopher. A Christopher Meburne was baptised at Auckland St Helens, Durham on 10 Jan 1675 to a John. Either, or neither, could be the London Christopher. However there other evidence that the St Helen families had migratory tendencies so the link has been made.

There also happens to be a Fleet marriage 01 Oct 1695, for a Christopher Newborne. No wife is named on the index entry, but on the same day there is a record for a Margaret Thomas being married - and Margaret is the mother's name on the children's biths.

Christopher was dead by 1711 when William was apprenticed and was described as a Founder in the 1723 indenture for John. 
MEBURNE, Christopher (I2610)
47 A hoyman operated a Hoy - a small coastal vessel or sloop. FAIRBRASS, Thomas (I2105)
48 A Major Brotton was naturalised in 1892 in the USA, with inital documentation from 1886 at Pennsylvania - Mifflin Township, Allegheny County.
Mary does not appear.
Major re-married in 1897 by which time Mary is said to have died (no date given). 
BROTTON, Major (I1346)
49 A maker of fine lenses for astronomical telescopes. Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society.
SLATER, Thomas (I243)
50 A Margaret was buried 29 Jul 1611 at All Saints,Newcastle. Might she have been George's wife? MEBORNE, George (I4481)

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